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Back in August, I posted an article describing four ways we could see Marvel’s first family appear in the MCU.

Many of you brought your own wonderful additions to the list of theories, but one in particular caught my attention.

Further expanding his great theory, I believe Jordan Herkowski’s proposal could be the best possible way to introduce the Fantastic Four to the Cinematic Universe.

Herkowski’s Fantastic Four Introduction Theory

As stated by Herkowski above, the Fantastic Four could well have existed in the 1960s. After trapping Doctor Doom in the Negative Zone, the Four could’ve also being trapped without a way of returning back to Earth.

In the Negative Zone, they wouldn’t age, hence they'd return to Earth in peak physical form. All this time, the Baxter Building could have become a museum, much like the museum dedicated to Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Check Out Herkowski's Full Proposal By Clicking Here.

Michael Douglas is Hank Pym | Marvel Studios
Michael Douglas is Hank Pym | Marvel Studios

What’s fascinating about this theory is that a similar premise happened in 2015's Ant-Man.

Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and Janet van Dyne donned the mantle of and the Wasp respectively in the late ‘70s and ‘80s. Even though they carried out missions for S.H.I.E.L.D., the existence of their alter egos was unknown to Iron Man and the until Scott Lang entered the picture.

Would a similar approach to introduce the Fantastic Four in work as well?

If Marvel Studios retrieves the film rights to the Fantastic Four from Fox, the theory proposed by Jordan Herkowski is the best possible way to introduce the team.

Herkowski's way guarantees that the Fantastic Four we get in the shared film universe will be a new team with an origin movie that doesn't follow the current origin template.

Plus, it would bring with it the possibility for Doctor Doom to be the next Loki of the .

(Picture a better version of the below fight scene in the MCU.)

The Same Could Work For The X-Men

"Deadpool" | 20th Century Fox
"Deadpool" | 20th Century Fox

In July, I proposed the theory that a way the X-Men could be introduced in the MCU is that in the late ‘70s or ‘80s they were “cured.” There would then be an extremely low mutant population in the MCU.

Applying Herkowski’s theory, unlike the Fantastic Four and Captain America, mutants wouldn’t have had museums made in their honor, so they would’ve been forgotten by present-day society.

In the comics, mutants are oppressed and hated by humans. In reality, they are a social symbol of our own history of oppression towards groups that are different. The same could be happening in the MCU.

Are The Fantastic Four Trapped In The Negative Zone?

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

According to Jordan Herkowski, the Fantastic Four could be trapped in the Negative Zone. While it's a fantastic theory, the Fantastic Four's movie rights are currently trapped in Fox's own negative zone -- but we're holding on to hope we'll get news that Marvel's first family will be joining the MCU soon.

If so, are the Fantastic Four really trapped in the Negative Zone and are the trapped as well? Or have Marvel's merry mutants simply been "cured" in the MCU?

Let me know in the poll and comments below!

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