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Earlier this year, Fox's Deadpool defied expectations when it proved an incredibly vulgar and violent anti-hero starring in an R-rated film could click with audiences and slay at the box office.

Many studios were left wondering how a movie that seemed to have all of the odds stacked against it could become the highest-grossing R-rated film in history.

Deadpool's star Ryan Reynolds recently opened up about the magic behind making the movie and what he feeels led to the film's massive success.

Deadpool Explains It All

While talking to THR and reminiscing about his time on the set of the film Reynolds clarified that Deadpool has a surprising personal connection to him.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

The best comedy, in my opinion, has to be grounded in some form of truth. The character Deadpool is my alter ego. I don't want to sound esoteric, but I can channel that guy in a way I just can't seem to channel anything else. In terms of his sensibilities and certainly his sense of humor, I feel like we were born at the end of the same spectrum. It's a very odd situation... I don't think we could have gotten those comedic payoffs if audiences weren't invested emotionally in the character.

Before Deadpool, Reynolds was best-known for his roles in romantic comedies and failed action movies based on comic books such as R.I.P.D. and Green Lantern. However, Reynolds Deadpool is considerably raunchier and more offensive than his previous superhero outings, and the film gave him the chance to flex his comedic muscle in a different way.

Nobody mention these to Reynolds
Nobody mention these to Reynolds

His passion for the project was evident on screen and throughout the movie's marketing campaign with Reynolds often staying in character while promoting the film. The actor was obviously having the time of his life playing the character in and out of costume and audiences were lucky enough to be with him for the ride.

Part of Deadpool's success stems from just how different the titular character is when compared to the stars of the usual superhero movie fare. Instead of being a clean-cut boy scout, Deadpool is a violent mercenary who had vengeance and sex on his mind at all times - and he let the audience know it.

Reynolds and the creative minds behind the film didn't dilute what made Deadpool great, and their dedication to preserving his character in a new kind of superhero movie paid off.

Admittedly, I've never taken ownership of anything the way I did with this. We had this almost unfair advantage because we had a character who is a total misfit, a fucking rascal, a hedonist who breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience directly. I mean, that right there is a marketing dream.

The Future Belongs To The Mad

You know you want it
You know you want it

As production for the Deadpool sequel picks up speed, so does the anticipation of fans who are eager to see the sequel.

Hopefully, Deadpool 2 can replicate the success and joy of the first movie -- or better yet, surpass the original film.

Though expectations are considerably high, they're not unrealistic and the biggest reason fans should feel they can rest easy is because Reynolds himself is involved -- and he's not just an actor playing a great role, he's a fan of Deadpool too.

Reynolds explained his love for the Merc With A Mouth began when he was reading an issue of Deadpool comic book series.

When I opened [the comic], the story started with someone asking Deadpool what he looked like under the mask and he said he looked like a cross between Ryan Reynolds and a shar-pei. It was destiny, and I fell in love with him instantly.

Case in point (image c/o Marvel)
Case in point (image c/o Marvel)

If Deadpool was indeed destiny's doing and Ryan Reynolds maintains his dedication to all things Deadpool, then Deadpool 2 will surely be worth the long wait.


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