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Following in the footsteps of Stephen Amell's flashback wigs on Arrow, The CW continues its penchant for believable hair with a TV adaptation of Archie Comics, appropriately (!?) titled Riverdale. It's taken 75 years, but trust us when we say that Archie is finally all grown up.

Riverdale. [The CW]
Riverdale. [The CW]

Anyone who worried that 's story wouldn't resonate with modern audiences needn't worry. Riverdale is reportedly a bold, new take on the franchise that subverts the original light-hearted stories with darker, Lynchian undertones.

Don't believe us? Check out the first official trailer below, which features all of the moody teen angst and improbable abs that one could ever hope for:

The retro mix of old and new stylings will combine with a gripping murder mystery to create your new favorite show on TV; one that shall hopefully fill the hole left by The Vampire Diaries, Desperate Housewives and basically every other show that you can think of which involves some kind of sexy murder.

Sounds strange, right? While Riverdale may appear to have little to do with the easy-going tone of its source material, early reactions to the pilot screening at SDCC were largely positive, suggesting that this may in fact be the best direction that the Archie franchise could take in 2017.

After all, how could you fault any adaptation that goes from this...

Archie. [Archie Comics]
Archie. [Archie Comics]

To this?

Riverdale. [The CW]
Riverdale. [The CW]

Hell, even if Riverdale turns out to be trash, The CW's latest addition will be the best kind of trash, complete with all of the earnest staring, topless jogging and washboard abs that one would expect to see on Thursday night television. Did we mention that there's going to be abs?

See also:

Hopefully though, Riverdale should transcend its thirsty trappings combine the best of both worlds, threading the modern sensibilities of recent TV hits with the beloved characterization of the original Archie comics, all while making us feel terrible about the state of our own bodies in the process.

Check out Riverdale when hits The CW on January 26, starring up and coming stars such as KJ Apa as Archie, Camilia Mendes as Veronica Lodge and Cole Sprouse as Jughead, along with Luke Perry in the role of Fred Andrews.


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