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We're partway through the tremendous "Heroes Versus Aliens" event, the DCTV crossover that runs through all four CW shows. While we're all enjoying the team-up - not least watching everybody's reactions to - we've already had teases that the event is having a lasting impact on DCTV's status quo.

Take the Dominators, for example. In the amusing 'team-briefing' scene, Supergirl suddenly reveals that she knows a little about them - they visited Krypton, meaning that this alien race exists in both realities. Excitingly, it's been confirmed that they'll be returning in Supergirl next year. Not only does this mean that they exist - it suggests the continuity between the two realities will be strong enough not to confuse audiences.

Before, the two realities - the wider and the reality of Supergirl - had largely felt separate, with few commonalities. One was focused on vigilantes and super-powers, the other on aliens. "Heroes Versus Aliens" changes that, introducing aliens to the Arrowverse and - most importantly - telling us it's likely that every world existing in Supergirl also exists in the Arrowverse.

Wait, What About Kryptonians?

Two famous cousins. Image: The CW
Two famous cousins. Image: The CW

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this is the possibility that Kryptonians exist in the Arrowverse. As the combined heroes' reactions to Supergirl proved, they've never experienced power on Supergirl's scale before. There they stood, the combined heroes of the Arrowverse, throwing everything they could at her - and Supergirl's reactions suggested she felt like she was being tickled.

So what happened to Krypton in the Arrowverse? Why didn't an alien pod crashland in Kansas, with the infant within adopted by the Kents? Why wasn't Kara Zor-El sent to Earth in this reality? Something must have gone very, very differently. Here are the options!

1) Perhaps Nobody Survived Krypton

Krypton in 'Smallville'. Image: The CW
Krypton in 'Smallville'. Image: The CW

This, of course, is the darkest possibility. Perhaps, in the Arrowverse, the Kryptonian scientists never realized what was going to happen to their world - and so no pods were sent. There was no 'Last Son of Krypton', and nobody arrived on Earth to become the 'Girl of Steel'. Instead, in this reality at least, the Kryptonians are pretty much extinct. It's a heart-wrenching possibility, but a very real one.

2) Perhaps the Survivors went Elsewhere

Maybe he's not on this Earth... Image: DC Comics
Maybe he's not on this Earth... Image: DC Comics

It's also possible, though, that in this reality - the last survivors of Krypton went elsewhere. Perhaps Kal-El and Kara landed on a completely different world, and have become heroes to another planet's alien population. Or perhaps they landed on a world with a different sun, and never developed their powers at all.

3) Perhaps Krypton was Never Destroyed!

A famous image. Source: DC Comics
A famous image. Source: DC Comics

As every Superman fan knows, though, the destruction of Krypton wasn't a natural event. Over the course of generations, Kryptonians had abused the power of their homeworld, and its eventual destruction was the result of their neglect. Perhaps, here in the Arrowverse, things went differently. Perhaps some of Krypton's scientists were able to change the course of their society's structure, with the result being that the world was never destroyed at all.

In other words - perhaps Krypton still exists. If that's the case, then the reason we've not seen Kryptonians in the Arrowverse is simple; they had no reason to leave their homeworld.

Unless they learned THIS could happen, of course. Image: DC Comics
Unless they learned THIS could happen, of course. Image: DC Comics

Over in the comics, Krypton has been portrayed in myriad different ways, largely depending on the plot a given writer wanted to write. Sometimes Krypton is a technological paradise; sometimes a harsh caste-society; and sometimes it has a legacy of war. Depending on which version of Krypton exists in the Arrowverse, the heroes we know and love could well come to wish their reality's history had coincided with Supergirl's...

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The reality is, we simply don't know how things are going to play out. The fact the Dominators exist in both universes, though, opens up countless possibilities - it means that every alien race revealed in Supergirl could yet make an appearance in the Arrowverse, or that characters who appear in one reality could have an alternate-version pop up in the other (Maggie Sawyer, I'm looking at you). The possibilities are simply limitless!


What do you think happened to Kryptonians in the Arrowverse?

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