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Okay, I know you're thinking, “WTF,” but stay with me.

’s Westworld has become an overnight sensation and even though it’s first season is about to end with the finale just a few days away, that hasn't slowed down the number of fan theories that are still coming in by bazooka mail.

However, I'd like to veer away from the typical type of theory and explore an idea that’s been in my head since the first episode of the show.

After episode 9, many fans began speculating that Ford and Arnold’s friendship-ending argument was due to Arnold having created a host-replica of his dead son.

So can people create host-replicas of anybody and would it be possible for very wealthy people in Westworld to have a host in the park that looks like someone from the real world?

If so, then it is possible that is a Westworld host-replica somewhere and here's where this fun theory begins!

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John Cena Is A Host In The Park?

Do one of those heads belong to a host-replica of John Cena? | HBO
Do one of those heads belong to a host-replica of John Cena? | HBO

The Delos Corporation are the big boys running Westworld, with Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale as its "big boss." She revealed that the corporation had bigger plans for the theme park and from what we know already from our real-life world corporations, they like to innovate.

I wouldn’t be surprised if among their bigger plans was to offer the service of creating host-replicas of someone in particular -- at a very steep price of course. While Doctor Ford is one that doesn’t like to mingle real life emotions with the park’s host, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s done it before. Say, Bernarnold.

So what are the chances that a guest has already rendered a host-replica of his or her choosing?

Pretty high I'd say, and if that's the case, then could a host-replica of John Cena be wandering the landscapes of Westworld?

The answer is yes, of course it could.

It's Just A Matter Of Time Before We See John Cena in Westworld

"Westworld" | HBO
"Westworld" | HBO

Well, maybe not, but theoretically someone could if we accept the premise that Westworld is currently, or has allowed in the past, the creation of host-replicas.

This theory becomes even more interesting when we consider we still don't know which parts of the show are in the past or the present.

Most Westworld theories so far have ignored this important aspect of the show.

However, it's a pretty good guess that the present in Westworld (period pertaining to Bernard, Maeve, older Ford, Theresa, Man in Black) is not our present.

How can that be?

"Westworld" | HBO
"Westworld" | HBO

Due to the advanced technological breakthroughs the show possesses, their present most likely dates some 60 to 80 years from our present (2086, maybe?). Meaning, that if William and Logan first entered the park 30 years from their present -- if Westworld's present takes place in 2086 -- then William and Logan’s time period takes place around 2056.

By this time, any person who’s had the luxury of visiting Westworld, with the ability of requesting a host-replica, could have easily ordered one based on someone like John Cena.

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The Future Of 'Westworld'

If you’ve stuck with me this far you are probably thinking, "Why John Cena?"

Well, Westworld's story could branch out in a number of ways next season and one direction the show could head in is a story surrounding the intermingling of hosts and humans at a societal stage (during work, at home, etc.). A story where we don’t know who is which and where doppelgangers exist.

So you see, the future of the show could easily introduce us to a type of "clone war" or something else involving multiple versions of people.

And one of those people could be anyone -- including John Cena.

What do you think? Will the future of Westworld include doppelgangers and an all-out war? Let me know in the comments!


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