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Note: This article contains spoilers.

The Gilmore Girls revival on is probably one of the best things the streaming service could have come up with. I am assuming that I was not the only fan who felt that we deserved a better finale than what we received with the original series. The revival made it up to me, at least in regard to Lorelai and Emily.

Rory, on the other hand, is definitely not the Rory she was set up to become. You don't go to a private school, graduate from Yale, and end up broke, pregnant and alone with no direction in life by age 32. I am hoping that we get another season to see her find her way back. At the end of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, it's Emily who surprised and surpassed by making the most progress.

1. She Made A Point To Accept Lorelai

We all know that Emily and do not have a typical and well-rounded mother-daughter relationship. It is no one's fault in particular; they have different personalities that tend to clash, and it's difficult for them to understand each other's points of view. Emily had been trying for years to understand her daughter, but was doing so through forced regular family dinners and paying for life's little expenses in a bid to keep her coming around.

I always felt bad for Emily that Lorelai took off with Rory at 16 years old to live as a single mother. Emily didn't want her pregnant teenaged daughter on her own without support. Lorelai survived of course, but Emily was finally able to get back in her daughter's life when the Chilton Academy opportunity came around, thanks to the shared hope for a brighter educational future for Rory.

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Later, Emily attempts to smooth the troubled waters of their relationship by tricking Lorelai into attending therapy with her. Was it the best way to handle the situation? Probably not. But it proves she is willing to find a way for them to get along. Despite Emily giving up on therapy, it leads to a deeper understanding between the two women. We see this when Lorelai goes on her Wild-style trip and realizes that she misses her dad, so calls Emily to tell her how much he meant to her. Lorelai's caring act shows Emily how much she too means to her daughter, allowing the two to further bridge gaps in their relationship.

2. She Ditched The Social Climbers

This was probably the best scene in all of A Year in the Life, when Emily had a rant about how bullshit the Daughters of the American Revolution had become. Emily used to live for these groups, in which elitist rich women would gather to gossip and mock people as part of their meetings. It was refreshing to see Emily finally decide that it wasn't worth her time to be surround by such judgment.

In particular, I like how she enlightened the trophy wife about how naive she was and how the women in the DAR were just going to mock her and not allow her to join their group anyway. Life is too short to spend it being an asshole all of the time. It's at this point that Emily seems to truly be taking the rest of her life into her own hands.

Check out a clip of the scene below.

3. She Survived Richard's Death

Losing Richard was devastating for all the Gilmore girls. Emily was lost for a bit, but when you lose your life partner, it's bound to knock the wind out of your sails for a beat. She had the choice to wallow alone in misery in a huge house, or go out into the world and be happy. This is not an easy realization for most people to come to, but Emily isn't most people.

Emily took the time to think about what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She found a new place to live and a small job that made her feel involved in the community and happy. I loved seeing her new home and how she was so passionate about the whale exhibit. Richard would have been so proud.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Gilmore Girls are both streaming on Netflix. If you have not done so yet, check them out! Tell me in the comments section what you thought of the revival.


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