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It's no secret that Movie Pilot strives to create opportunities for its community of dedicated fans. Partnering with the folks at , it hosted an exclusive first screening of the highly anticipated original series Shut Eye at Los Angeles' historic Silent Movie Theatre. Despite the venue's name, the event was anything but silent; from the audience's laughter throughout the episode to the gasps produced for the after-party's talented magician, it was a kick-ass night of mystical revelry.

Although channeling a number of successful TV ventures (imagine the witty LA commentary of Entourage meets the mob boss intensity of The Sopranos and the supernatural flair of Medium), feels entirely fresh in its delivery. The show chronicles Charlie Haverford (played by the devilishly charming Jeffrey Donovan), a fraudulent fortuneteller who, after a nasty blow to the head, begins to experience visions that may just bring some truth to his life of scamming.

The plot only thickens when we're introduced to an eccentric array of characters, including Las Vegas hypnotist Gina, Charlie's alluring, dynamic, take-no-prisoners wife Linda, and Fonzo, the larger-than-life gypsy leader of LA's fortunetelling empire. With a premise this boisterous, the pilot did not fall flat — especially after the episode was introduced by two of the show's stars, KaDee Strickland and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Despite the distinct style and glamour of the screening, what I was most enthralled with was the script's subtle blend of humor and danger, and the cast's ability to pack a punch with even the simplest of phrases. If the remainder of the show's season maintains the same level of enticement as the pilot, Hulu will surely have another hit on its hands.

Following the episode, attendees were invited out to the theater's secluded back patio, where we indulged in an open bar and flavorful appetizers. Sorry, vegans — while the tofu skewers were yummy, they were nothing compared to the sumptuous sliders. Also in attendance were a clairvoyant and a cravat-sporting magician, who wowed us with sleight of hand sprinkled with a touch of humor.

While I did not get a chance to have my fortune told, I took advantage of all the party had to offer and, with a happy and satiated tummy, found myself front and center at the magician's corner. I don't know what was more exciting — bouncing off my fellow partygoers, buzzed by both the intoxicating cocktails and exhilarating pilot, or the magic man's funny, flashy bag o' tricks. If all this wasn't enough, we had the chance to commemorate the night with the Shut Eye photo booth and GIF generator — although, even without a photo, the event boasted some unforgettable fun.

I'm no psychic, but I foresee a long future for Shut Eye. Make sure to check it out!

All episodes available to stream on Hulu from December 7!


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