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There are always those movies. The ones where you know who's going to die. It's either a sneaking suspicion — perhaps thanks to fan theories — or everyone knows because it's based off a book or real-life events. Most of the time it's easier to digest when you know what's coming, but there are some scenes that turn you into a blubbering mess.

Now, here's the disclaimer: These are not deaths like , who you still feel torn up about because you didn't see it coming. Rather, these deaths are characters everyone knew were going to die. It's not a surprise that they died, but a surprise at how bad their deaths tore at your heartstrings.

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5. Gwen Stacy — The Amazing Spider-Man 2

OK, so this one was tough. We all had that feeling that had to get rid of Gwen in order to continue the series, and this was only confirmed when Shailene Woodley was brought in to play MJ in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (although, the role of MJ later ended up on the cutting room floor). Hints were dropped throughout the entire movie, like Peter saying, "I can't live without you." But even in Gwen's final moments, there was hope. And then it was all dashed when her head whacked the ground and she didn't wake up. The hardest thing about it was watching crying, so devastated as he cradled her lifeless body. It was unexpectedly brutal and heartbreaking.

4. Boromir, Son Of Denethor II — The Fellowship Of The Ring

If you read The Lord of the Rings, which millions of people had, then you knew this was coming. We were even urged to kind of hate Boromir throughout the movie because of his "bravado and recklessness," and for his belittling of our hero Frodo.

When attempted to snatch the one ring, we were all up in arms, ready for his blood. But when he suddenly came to the rescue of Merry and Pippin, we did an about-face. He took arrow after arrow in defense of those he'd promised to protect, and his goodbye to was painful to watch because he knew that he'd done wrong but decided to make it right. Boromir, you are missed.

3. Rue Of District 11 — The Hunger Games

This moment is a lot heavier in the books, but even seeing it on screen was difficult. A little girl being skewered by the spear of a boy is hardly bearable. But then a dying Rue asking Katniss to sing her off made it even more of a tearjerker. She had to die in order for to continue, and took the loss of her friend hard. Seeing the affect it had on her after Rue's body was taken up by the hovercraft was enough to break anyone's heart.

2. Ellie — Up

The movie is about an elderly man traveling to Paradise Falls by way of helium balloons rigged to his house, turning it into an airship. So we all knew that Ellie — the young woman he met, fell in love with and married — was destined to die. Even so, that whole intro consisting of the story of their life together was pure misery! Her miscarriage was difficult, and then seeing Carl trying to make her happy before she became sick was heart-wrenching. Her sweet personality made all of us fall in love with her in the short time she was on screen, but her death paved the way for Carl's motivation. Regardless, her passing was pure torture.

1. Han Solo — Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Kylo Ren committing patricide in "The Force Awakens."
Kylo Ren committing patricide in "The Force Awakens."

If you haven't seen the movie yet, YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE BY NOW! Hence, no spoiler alert for you because the world already knows that its favorite smuggler has passed away in the universe. And the fact that it was at the hands of his own son makes it an even more bitter pill to swallow. All Han ever wanted was redemption for his son, but when it seemed was going to accept it, he ran his lightsaber through one of only two people who truly cared about him. This made it known that Kylo had taken over and there was no coming back. It was the opposite ending of the story for Luke and Anakin.

Honorable Mentions

There were some other heartbreaking movie deaths that should not have taken us by surprise, and yet turned us into blubbering puddles. I want to give those passings props as well.

Jesus Christ — The Passion Of The Christ

Jesus on the cross in "The Passion of the Christ."
Jesus on the cross in "The Passion of the Christ."

The movie was about a man who was crucified because of claims that he was the Jewish Messiah. As a story that's been told for two millennium, it was still incredibly tough to watch the torture Jesus endured in the lead-up to his crucifixion. Historians have said that The Passion of the Christ shows only a portion of the pain inflicted upon him at the hands of the Roman soldiers. Jim Caviezel suffered multiple injuries during filming, including being struck by lightning and scourged by a whip.

Nicky Parsons — Jason Bourne

Nicky Parsons dead in "Jason Bourne."
Nicky Parsons dead in "Jason Bourne."

This one wasn't explicitly noted or hinted at leading up to the movie's release, but in watching the trailer, we only saw her in one snippet and therefore knew she would not be continuing on in the series. Watching Julia Stiles' character dying on the road before trying to get life-changing information to Jason was difficult, especially because we never got to delve into her backstory. It was believed by many that the two had been in a romantic relationship before this accident, and was alluded to in during a cafe scene between the two.

Primrose Everdeen — Mockingjay – Part 2

Prim as a nurse in "Mockingjay – Part 2."
Prim as a nurse in "Mockingjay – Part 2."

Let's be real, nearly all the deaths in The Hunger Games were difficult to watch, and we could go on talking about Cinna, , and pretty much all of District 12. But this one hit many viewers right in their guts. It was at this moment, when Katniss witnessed her sister's death, that our protagonist began to spiral. Watching her scream at Buttercup back at District 12 was sole sucking. And for this reason, Primrose will always be remembered.


Which movie death made you cry the most?


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