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When you step into the theater to watch a movie and expect it to be good, but come out of the screening speechless because it was absolutely fantastic, what do you call that movie?

Miss Sloane.

Before we go any further, check out the trailer below.

From the moment I saw the first trailer I knew was going to be a different kind of political thriller. Why? Because .

Jessica Chastain In One Of Her Best Performances Yet

"Miss Sloane" | EuropaCorp
"Miss Sloane" | EuropaCorp

Chastain became one of my favorite actresses after seeing her in and since then I’ve looked forward to seeing every one of her movies.

Even in The Huntsman: Winter’s War, which currently holds a dismal 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and was not Chastain's best film, I still feel like she totally killed it as the warrior Sara.

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While I enjoyed Winter’s War, watching Miss Sloane reminded me why I truly admire Jessica Chastain so much, and that is because of the diverse characters she plays as well her charisma as a human being.

She brings a different kind of magic to every role and we get to see yet another unforgettable performance from Chastain in the form of Elizabeth Sloane.

Chastain is an acting machine and seeing her deliver one of her best performances in Miss Sloane, became one of this year’s best trips to the movie theater for me.

Strength Of Character

"Miss Sloane" | EuropaCorp
"Miss Sloane" | EuropaCorp

Chastain’s delivery of dialogue in this film was phenomenal. It was a mesmerizing experience just seeing how expressive she was as Elizabeth Sloane.

The character was ruthless and keen, with an intriguing addiction to winning. I believe we should all be addicted to winning, but not to the extent of Elizabeth Sloane. As Chastain describes it:

Ms. Sloane is the most extroverted powerhouse in all of Washington. If she wants something done, she gets it done and if you don’t get it done then you better be forming a great excuse because good won’t cut it. She is the type of person who believes the end always justifies the means. When the time is right she will use you for her crusade, like it or not. You are collateral damage.

It’s not just any actor who can bring such a unique character to life on the big screen, and Chastain did it tremendously well. As she explained to GoldDerby:

“She is much smarter than me, Elizabeth is much smarter than most people I know and that’s also something that’s intimidating to play because: how do you play someone that has a greater intellect than yourself? It just really is in the preparation… You can’t go slow with memorizing.”

Elizabeth Sloane was definitely smart, I’d say smarter than many of my college professors. But like Chastain said, how do you play someone that’s smarter than you? Like she said, it’s all in the preparation.

Jessica Chastain Goes Above And Beyond With Miss Sloane

"Miss Sloane" | EuropaCorp
"Miss Sloane" | EuropaCorp

That preparation included meeting with many of Washington’s top female lobbyists because she felt it was her responsibility to represent them as well as she could on screen. She explained during an interview with GoldDerby:

“I wanted to know what [it] was like, the struggles they went through… I googled a list of the most successful female lobbyists, put a list together, called their offices and spent a weekend in DC meeting with everyone and it was really invaluable to me.”

Chastain did her research and and it shows in her performance. It also fueled her motivation to play the part. In an interview with IndieWire, Chastain opened up about why playing Sloane was important to her:

“I was just asking myself what am I contributing to the world and what am I putting into society and I just wanted to put my money where my mouth is. I’ve always been so outspoken about women filmmakers and diversity in cinema and I’m now choosing projects to do what I feel will move the needle in a positive way.”

She continued by saying:

“It was really important to me to play a female character who was ambitious and ruthless and a loner and a perfectionist and have flaws, and also noble at the end, someone who is almost self-sacrificing. I feel like our status quo of what a woman is supposed to be, that to me is our main problem in society.”

Miss Sloane Deserves An Academy Award

"Miss Sloane" | EuropaCorp
"Miss Sloane" | EuropaCorp

Chastain’s personal motivations and her incredible skills as an actress brought Elizabeth Sloane to life. I loved Miss Sloane and I believe it has the potential to win more than one Academy Award.

The movie is a cinematic achievement. Chastain, director John Madden and screenwriter Jonathan Perera have given us a classic for the ages. If you haven’t watched Miss Sloane yet, stop what you are doing and buy your movie ticket now!

This is one you don’t want to miss the big screen fun because of small corny distractions.

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