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By now you’ve probably watched the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer a million times, dissecting and nitpicking every single frame. If you're one of those fans who has, then you’ve no doubt noticed the scene where Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is watching a video of the moment where he defeated Giant-Man in epic fashion during his appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

But the question is, who recorded that battle?

Let's take a look at the trailer one more time and then examine the four most plausible theories.

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4. Peter Planted A GoPro On Hawkeye Or Black Widow

"Captain America: Civil War" | Marvel Studios
"Captain America: Civil War" | Marvel Studios

The video looks like it was shot in high definition and a tiny camera like a GoPro could totally capture that kind of quality video. However, since and have impeccable espionage and spy skills, it wouldn't be easy to plant a camera on them.

It's possible, but one thing to consider is that the video Peter is watching is a bit shaky and that's movement that's typical of a person holding a camera or having it on them like a GoPro.

3. Falcon's Redwing Recorded The Airport Battle

"Captain America: Civil War" | Marvel Studios
"Captain America: Civil War" | Marvel Studios

Redwing was supposedly destroyed by before Spidey took on Giant-Man. Still, if we consider the possibility that Redwing might function in layers, that there’s a Redwing under a Redwing and so on, then this theory begins to sound more likely.

First, took a nice little trip with Redwing when the drone flew him through glass airport windows. After a hit like that I bet Spidey would’ve taken an interest in the geeky gadget.

Seeing it as his perfect opportunity to film a fantastic battle for his vlog, he would’ve then webbed a device on Redwing to hack into its system and download the footage later.

2. Airport Security Cameras Filmed The Battle

"Captain America: Civil War" | Marvel Studios
"Captain America: Civil War" | Marvel Studios

This theory makes perfect sense, but as mentioned in the GoPro theory, the quality of the video in Peter’s computer is very high. While security cameras with high definition quality do exist, they don’t move the way the video was moving.

However, the world in the is very different from ours (of course), so why can’t security cameras with slick movement exist?

1. Happy Hogan's Directorial Debut

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" | Marvel Studios
"Spider-Man: Homecoming" | Marvel Studios

I believe this theory is the strongest.

We know Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) met with Peter before the airport battle. We saw him deliver the Spider-Man suit in the trailer teaser (see below). It makes sense then that Peter would ask Happy or even Tony Stark to record him in action, for his vlog.

Even better, Happy could’ve recorded it for Tony Stark as a “mission report” for Thunderbolt Ross. Tony then would’ve passed the video to Peter for him to study, much like football players do after games.

It's also a great nod to Jon Favreau himself who is a real-life movie director (Iron Man, Iron Man 2).

So, How Did Peter Parker Record His Battle In 'Captain America: Civil War'?

"Captain America: Civil War" | Marvel Studios
"Captain America: Civil War" | Marvel Studios

Did he plant a GoPro on Black Widow or Hawkeye? Did he hack Redwing or the airport security cameras? Did Happy Hogan record the ? Leave your thoughts down in the comments!

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How did Peter Parker record his fight with Giant-Man?

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