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The holiday season is here and the weather outside is frightful, but forget about firing up your traditional yule log video this year because has just dropped over five hours of superhero fireplace videos to help keep us warm this .

If that doesn’t get you in the geeky holiday spirit, then nothing will.

Each video is from a different place in the Marvel Universe and is filled with subtle that range from the realms of Asgard to places across the galaxy. (There are "up close" versions of each video if you prefer to cozy up a little closer.)

Let's take a look at each one and unwrap these early Christmas presents.

1. It's Chilly In New Jersey, But Ms. Marvel Brings The Heat

  • Home of Ms.Marvel/Kamala Khan

If you happen to live in New Jersey make sure to pass by Ms.Marvel's crib! On the sofa you can even see the hero's costume. Perhaps it's drying by the fire after a day of superheroing in the snow.

Below that and to the right you can also a catch a stocking with the Avengers logo.

Though the room is empty we can hear conversations and a barking dog. Could that dog be Lockjaw, the canine?

2. Brooklyn Is Where It's At With The Cap

  • Home of Steve Rogers/Captain America

There's no place like New York and in Steve Rogers' apartment we can listen to some big band music while we cozy up to the fire in the home of our favorite star-spangled hero .

One Easter Egg you won't miss is the portrait of Agent Peggy Carter next to the lamp. Another portrait is from comic book-Bucky Barnes right above a portrait of Steve Rogers' mom, Sarah Rogers.

Cap's famous shield, as well as the shield from his first comic book appearance can both be found here too.

3. Odin's Beard! Thou Enter The Home Of Thor!

  • Home of Thor Odinson/Jane Foster

Ever wanted to spend the holidays with a Norse god? Well, now you can. Among the Easter Eggs in this video are a reference to the Infinity Stones in the stained glass painting next to the door.

Right above the fireplace we can see a miniature Mjolnir and Jane Foster 's helmet from the comics.

The window next to the chandelier also seems to reference the Bifrost.

Plus, in the 17:36 mark, Loki or maybe seems to enter the home. Though we don't see them in the frame, the whole room is flooded with bright green light reminiscent of Doctor Strange's Time Infinity Stone.

4. With An Iron Suit Comes A High-Tech Fireplace

  • Home of Tony Stark/Iron Man

If you ever get lost in downtown Manhattan, you can give Tony Stark a call.

In this video, aside from the obvious suit references, we can also see a portrait of Pepper Potts (the comic book version) on the stairs.

An logo can also be seen on a wooden box next to the sofa.

5. Where's Rocket?!? Baby Groot Needs Some Company.

  • Home of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Season's greeting from across the galaxy.

Among the Easter Eggs in the fireside video, we can see the logo of the Nova Corp right above the fireplace. If this isn't taking place aboard the Milano, but rather within a branded Nova ship, could that then be the Power Infinity Stone on top of the fireplace?

Make sure to stick around for the full hour of this video because you won't want to miss Baby dancing to sweet Christmas music throughout.

This makes it even harder to wait for the arrival of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Thanks . Holiday parties just got an infusion of fun!

Did we miss any Easter Eggs? Let us know in the comments below.


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