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'Vikings' Uncut: 11 Sexy Censored Scenes You Never Got To See

By Brooke Geller ⋅ Posted on January 04, 2017 at 5:07pm

It's not surprising that a show based around pagan vikings would be absolutely loaded with violence, nudity and sex. But some viewers may be unaware that they've actually been watching a highly censored version of #Vikings this whole time.

While many Vikings fans around the world have been enjoying the original version of the show from day one, US viewers are restricted to a much tamer version. That means cuts to not only dialogue, but a hell of a lot of sex scenes and nudity.

This doesn't just include what's broadcast on TV, either. Even Americans shelling out for Amazon Prime are restricted to the slightly less sexy version of the show.

What Have You Missed?

Want to know what you've been missing out on? Check out these scandalous moments from Vikings that contained a little too much nipple to be US-appropriate:

11. Season 1 Episode 5: Helga's Full-Frontal Nude Scene

Helga may look like a sweet viking gal in her modest dress, but the above scene was very different for non-US viewers. In the original version, Helga was completely naked!

10. Season 1 Episode 8: Orgy At Uppsala

Athelstan's mushroom-induced hallucinations while he stumbled around Uppsala was a little more clear than this video. The scene does infer that there's a bit of open sex happening, but it originally showed a raunchy orgy with a lot more nudity.

9. Season 1 Episode 09: Aslaug Bathing Naked

When Ragnar's viking buddies stumble upon Aslaug bathing in the waterfall, they only see brief glimpses of her. Of course, this was just a peek of what was really shown, which was a generous look at the princess' naked body.

8. Season 2 Episode 10: Ragnar, Lagertha And Aslaug Have A Threesome

Lagertha may have been opposed to a triad marriage, but she at least made sure to try it before she knocked it. The smug smile on Ragnar's face post-threesome suggests he may have thought things were going to work out perfectly for him. If only he knew...

7. Season 2 Episode 6: Porunn's Birthday Suit

During a sex scene between Porunn and Björn, she removes her clothes and exposes her breasts.

6. Season 2 Episode 9: Porunn Goes Skinny Dipping

Porunn stripped down again to take a brief dip in the lake on the shores of Kattegat, completely nude. Now that's brave!

5. Season 2 Episode 10: Nude Viking Partygoers

During a celebration, various vikings dance naked around the feast table— in the original, they're all clothed.

4. Season 3 Episode 3: Judith And Athelstan's Butts

When Ecbert and Lagertha's hot and heavy antics make a prudish Judith feel a bit awkward, she gets out of the bath and takes off, followed by a concerned Athelstan. Let's just say that neither of them were wearing their bathing suits.

3. Season 3 Episode 4: Judith And Athelstan Sex Scene

While Judith and Athelstan's sex scene is shown in the original, the uncut version also shows Judith's breasts.

2. Season 3 Episode 4: Lagertha & Kwenthrith Kiss

Ecbert wasn't the only one getting some action from Lagertha in Season 3. Lagertha and Kwenthrith share a brief kiss, confirming that Kwenthrith seriously has a thing for vikings.

1. Season 4 Episode 11: Lagertha And Astrid Have Sex

Lagertha and her new lover shared more than a kiss after Ragnar left. The censored scene cuts off straight after the two women make out, but the uncut version shows the two sharing a passionate sex scene.

What are your thoughts on the heavy censorship on Vikings?