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Did You Spot This Riddick-ulous Vin Diesel Easter Egg In '50 Shades Darker'?

By Emily Browne ⋅ Posted on February 10, 2017 at 2:03pm

Fifty Shades Darker — the highly-anticipated sequel to 2014's Fifty Shades of Grey — was released on theaters this weekend, complete with all the steamy action we've come to expect from E.L. James's controversially erotic series. However, among all the bondage, shower sex, and wailing goddesses, one small and rather obscure Easter Egg has got the internet buzzing — turns out, Christian Grey is a Vin Diesel fanboy!

'Fifty Shades Darker' [Credit: Universal]

Not sure what you're looking at? Well it turns out that plastered on the childhood bedroom wall of our favorite sex-addict, Christian Grey, is a Chronicles of Riddick poster — the mediocre sequel to 2000's Pitch Black.

'The Chronicles of Riddick' poster [Credit: Universal]

Starring #VinDiesel, the movie was also the second instalment in what was meant to be a trilogy, but after receiving mostly negative reviews and a bad box office intake upon its release, the Chronicles concluded (one was made 9 years later when Vin Diesel got popular again). So why is it totally weird Christian would have a #ChroniclesOfRiddick poster on his wall? Well, for lots of reasons. Let's remind ourselves of this long-lost gem, shall we?

Not only is it bizarre that Ana Steel would still be so into someone with such... erm... singular tastes, but compared to the amount of stellar films that came out in 2004, it's a weird pick. While Grey would have been a young buck when the film was released, learning the ropes with a certain Mrs. Robinson, he may also have caught Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Kill Bill Vol. 2 and The Notebook — in comparison to these landmark blockbusters, Riddick doesn't seem that memorable.

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So what does this say about Christian? He's a fan of macho sci-fi? Super into Vin Diesel's biceps? Was it all the leather outfits? He also has a #UFC poster hanging on the wall, indicating a penchant for violence, perhaps? Well it's actually a lot more straightforward than that. Christian Grey himself cleared up the mystery of his bedroom wall in an interview with, when the interviewer asked Jamie Dornan what the deal was with the poster.

According to Dornan — sadly — not a lot of thought went into the choice:

"I mean that was something we had a sort of limited discussion with the art department about what would be up there, and they ran some stuff by me, and some stuff I just thought would be kind of funny to keep up there. Also, it's a film that's made by Universal so there's that, and the timing was right, so that sort of played into it a little bit.

Apparently #ELJames herself wasn't too fond of Dornan's choice of movie poster, stating at the end of the interview (around the 10:56 mark) that she would have wished it had been a Trainspotting poster, considering she's a huge Danny Boyle fan.

So what may have just been Jamie Dornan having a little fun, or an obscure insight into Christian Grey's adolescence, The Chronicles of Riddick poster is certainly a weird and silly little Easter Egg we didn't expect to find to see in E. L. James' sexy sequel. I mean, wouldn't The Secretary have been a better choice? Fifty Shades Darker is now in theaters.

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