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The best cocktail parties always have a theme. Anyone can whip up a white Russian, but it's way more fun for the host and their guests to drink something unique, right?

If any movie lends itself to an awesome themed drinks do, it's Passengers, the romantic sci-fi from in which Michael Sheen's android bartender Arthur is a pro scene stealer. While Arthur's social skills may be lacking, he does mix a mean cocktail — and with these Passengers-themed cocktail recipes, so could you.

Watch the Movie Pilot exclusive video above for a super-simple step-by-step guide to four original cocktails you can mix for yourself and your family or friends this weekend. It's guaranteed to win you some major mixologist kudos.

1. The Lost Dream

It's impossible not to be stirred by Aurora's tragic fate, but if you'd rather be shaken, this heartbreakingly named citrus cocktail should do the trick.

2. The Engineer

Alternatively, use Genever, a Dutch gin popular across Europe, to create the smooth aperitif that's Jim's drink of choice. And no, it's not just for the guys.

3. The Avalon

Dust off a collins glass or five to serve your guests this delicious beverage whose flavor is as rich as the design of the Avalon itself. Cachaça is a solid option for the rum, and the pineapple adds a fruity kick.

4. The Mancuso

Chief Gus Mancuso, brilliantly played by Laurence Fishburne, displays strength in the face of his own mortality, so it makes sense that the cocktail that takes his name is strong by nature. The Campari beautifully complements the vermouth.

As with any good cocktail, the recipe is just a guide. If you can find a way to put your own twist on these Passengers-themed drinks, then experiment away.

Just remember to pace yourself, unless you really want to "do an Arthur" at the tail end of the night.

 [Credit: Sony Pictures]
[Credit: Sony Pictures]


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