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Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead Episode 15 "Something They Need."

Well Walking Dead fans, we may have struggled through parts of Season 7, but I'll be damned if Episode 15, "Something They Need" didn't blow us out of the water with its tight storylines and well, beachball sized lady nuts.

After locking Rosita out of the Saviors base in Episode 14, this week we tuned in to find that Sasha had been locked up well before she had the chance to take out Negan. However, the appearance of a familiar face lead Eugene to finally reveal why he chose to side with Negan, and there's also something that tells me Sasha's story is going to take a dramatic turn, even despite the fact she ended up with a suicide pill and not a weapon. Meanwhile, Rick and the crew managed to get the guns they needed for their deal with Jadis (sorry Natania!), and Gregory is busy planning a trip while Maggie almost single-handedly turns around Hilltop.

However, there were a lot more details through the episode, so for the second to last time for Season 7, take a look at the five things you might have missed in The Walking Dead Episode 15 "Something They Need."

1. Rick has become the man that Negan wouldn't have screwed with

[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

This point was cleverly picked up by Redditor Nofriendsofmine who noted that Rick's beard seems to be growing back in just in time to go into battle with the Saviors. As you might remember, back in Episode 4, Negan found Deanna's recording of her first interview with Rick after they made it to Alexandria. Negan seemed surprise to see Rick looking so wild and told him:

"Is that you, Rick, underneath all that man-bush? Shee-ot. I would not have messed with that guy. But that's not you anymore is it? Nope."

Well, by the time the group enters full-scale war with Negan that might be Rick once more, with his beard growing more wild by the episode and his humanity starting to regress back to the bleak state it was in during Season 5 when the group were at their lowest ebb. While Negan has a sense that Rick can be ruthless (I mean he did organize that insane attack on that Savior outpost), he has no idea how crazy he got toward the end of Season 4 and throughout 5 (remember when he ripped a guy's throat out with his teeth?!). But, as we saw in the finale scene with Rick staring down a gun at Dwight, perhaps ruthless Rick might just be making a limited time return and when he does, Negan ought to be very scared.

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2. Gregory is off to meet with Simon

Gregory with the map [Credit: AMC]
Gregory with the map [Credit: AMC]

While it may have seemed like Gregory was the "little birdie" who'd informed Negan of Rick's plan, in the very next scene we saw that Gregory was actually planning a trip to a different Saviors' base.

After being given directions to Simon's base in Episode 14 (which was written on the small piece of paper Gregory took out of his pocket), and told to come to him if he had any concerns over possible leadership threats, it looks like Gregory has realized that Maggie is a very real challenge to his control of the community and wants her gone. During Episode 15 we saw Gregory scouring his map of Virginia to plan a trip with Kal to the base, where we can assume he'll probably tell the Saviors that Maggie is still alive (Negan still thinks she died shortly after the Season 7 premiere) and request some sort of help neutralizing this threat to this power.

3. Carl gave Enid some sage advice over her hesitancy to kill Natania

Enid behind Natania [Credit: AMC]
Enid behind Natania [Credit: AMC]

Though we've seen Enid rip apart and consume a tortoise, what we haven't seen is the young teen kill a human being. On the way into Oceanside, Enid was obviously concerned about the possibility of killing someone and asked Carl if he ever thought about the people he'd killed, to which he replied that he did. Later on in the episode Enid very nearly had to kill her first person when Natania began acting wildly and threatened Tara, luckily she was hit by Cyndie instead, but Enid was visibly shaken by the ordeal.

Afterwards, Carl then told her that he didn't only think about the people he has killed, he thought about the ones he didn't kill as well, in reference to Negan, who Carl had the opportunity to kill, but didn't and who later went onto kill Spencer and Olivia by proxy. It was surprisingly deep thinking from Carl, basically telling Enid that killing a person would result in her feeling guilt for taking a life, but that sparing someone's life may end up resulting in more guilt if that person then goes on to cause more deaths. Fingers crossed that's not the case with Natania.

4. Jadis is the Judas

[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

One of the big reveals of the episode was Negan telling Sasha that a "little birdie" had informed him of Rick's intentions to go into battle against the Saviors, this was a shock because unknowingly, Negan has now gained the advantage that Rick had worked so hard to pick up. Instead of overwhelming and surprising the Saviors at Alexandria, now it seems as though Rick will be at a disadvantage.

But who informed Negan about Rick's plan? It seems unlikely it was Gregory due to his planning of a trip to see Simon, instead it seems probable that it was Jadis, the leader of the garbage folk. Jadis sealing her agreement with Rick by shaking with their left hand and even the fact that her name sounds a lot like Judas are all subtle but strong hints at her betrayal, but the scariest thing is what we saw in the promo for Episode 16 (see below).

Jadis and some of her people appear to return to Alexandria with Rick, and even set themselves up alongside Rick, if Jadis is the traitor this means that Negan will have people on the inside, which could be extremely dangerous for our crew. And while we know the garbage folk prefer to take and not involve themselves in fighting, as Jadis herself said in Episode 10, "Things are changing again. So maybe we change."

5. Dwight is not setting a trap

Rick looking mighty comfortable back in charge [Credit: AMC]
Rick looking mighty comfortable back in charge [Credit: AMC]

It was revealed at the very end of Episode 15, that the shadowy figure who spotted Rosita at the end of Episode 14 was actually Dwight. However, that was far from bad news, with the Savior pledging his helping to Rick. While it may seem as though this offer is destined to be a trap, Dwight is actually about to become one of Rick's most important allies.

[Credit: Image Comics/Skybound]
[Credit: Image Comics/Skybound]

In the comic series, Dwight pulls a very similar maneuver in Issue 108, and because Dwight has quietly left the Saviors' base, he is able to fit back into life under Negan as though nothing has changed, even though he's now truly aligned with Rick. This way he is able to constantly update Rick with information on other Savior outposts and when might be an opportune moment to attack. So although Dwight totally appears to be back with the Saviors in the Episode 16 promo below, don't fret that he was setting Rick up, it's actually all part of a very clever plan.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 16 on April 2


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