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For the last few months, Creators Media and have partnered up to celebrate the release of on Hulu, with the streaming service airing full seasons of the girl-power superheroes in all their animated, crime-fighting glory.

To continue the Powerpuff party, we held the nationwide Real Life Powerpuff Contest in a bid to find amazing girls doing kickass things — whether it's starting their own business, building rockets, or inspiring their community. The rules were simple: Upload to social media a picture of the girl you wanted to submit, along with the hashtag , tell us a little bit about why you chose her for the contest, and that was it! We got entries from all around the country that blew our minds.

And to cap it all off, we celebrated with a Real Life Powerpuff Day in Santa Monica, California.

Our Real-Life Powerpuff Day

With the help of some of our featured Real Life Powerpuff Girls, we had an incredible day. We invited girls to attend a day of workshops that included animation and illustration, dance, and even how to be a rocket scientist — literally.

First, they were escorted down a red carpet like they were real-life celebrities, and had their pictures snapped by professional photographers. After that, they were treated to Powerpuff Girls-themed snacks.

And that's when the real fun began.

Everyone had a great time — and the girls even had a dance session to get them pumped and moving!

Naturally, the girls were quick studies and good at everything they tried, whether memorizing a complicated dance routine or learning how to draw themselves as bubble animations. But what would you expect from Real Life Powerpuff Girls?

The Winners Of The Real Life Powerpuff Contest

The competition was fierce, but we finally narrowed down our list of winners!

1. Brianna Berger

Briana is a high school junior from Gainesville, Florida and is the founder, CEO and chair executive director of coderGirls.

2. Bella Rodriguez

Bella was submitted by her mother Cari — because she keeps her going, every single day.

3. Khloe

Khloe is a nine-year-old from Los Angeles who started Khloe Kares, an organization that creates care bags for the homeless women in her city.

4. Alyssa and Vicky

Alyssa and Vicky were submitted by their cousin Dayana, who is inspired by their confidence and kindness, every single day.

5. Jazzmine Gwen

Jazzmine "Showstopper" Gwen is an eight-year-old martial arts phenom who wants to put an end to bullying.

6. Rylie Simone

Five-year-old Rylie from Arizona was submitted by her mom Mary. Rylie might be tiny, but she's already well on her way to becoming a pro skateboarder and aspiring artist.

7. Zoe G

Zoe, who hails from Orange County, was submitted by her mom Penny because of her courage and kindness every day. Zoe's dream is to one day compete in the FIFA Women's World Cup.

8. Allie

Allie was submitted by her mom Kara. Allie is already an award-winning inventor and her dream is to be an engineer who will one day change the world with her inventions.

9. Betsy Biddle

Betsy was submitted by her sister Amanda, because of her fierce attitude and her passion for and dedication to dance.

10. Chesney

Chesney was submitted by her mom Shelley. Chesney has the power of always defending the underdog and helping those in need.

Our 10 winners scored an awesome Powerpuff Girls prize pack, including a six-month subscription to Hulu — perfect for watching The Powerpuff Girls!

We were so amazed and inspired by all the girls who entered the contest. Girls have always been capable of doing anything they want, but this generation is already going out there and changing the world. Forget their age; from impacting their local communities to inspiring others around the globe, these young powerhouses are the girls that we look up to and who inspire us!

Watch The Powerpuff Girls on Hulu.

And after that? Live. Be. Do. Explore. Learn. Achieve. Dream. Go out and see the world — and then change it for the better.

There's nothing you can't do when you're a Real Life Powerpuff Girl!


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