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It may have taken longer than fans had been hoping for, but Tupac will finally be coming back to life - albeit on the big screen, and not in the form of another awkward hologram singing with Snoop Dogg.

The biopic based on the life of the iconic '90s rapper , All Eyez On Me escaped development limbo after a lengthy legal battle for the rights to his story, and a new trailer for the has finally dropped online.

All Eyez On Tupac Shakur

'All Eyez On Me' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]
'All Eyez On Me' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]

, which is named after Tupac's fourth and most successful studio album to date, will tell the rapper's story from his birth to his highly publicized death in 1996, when he was assassinated during a drive-by shooting.

Watch the latest trailer for All Eyez On Me below.

The biopic will hit cinemas on what would have been Tupac's 46th birthday: June 16, 2017.

Biopics are often criticized for glossing over the ugly side of a celebrity's life, putting them on a pedestal for the sake of entertainment. However, fans of the celebrated rapper are hoping All Eyez On Me can avert the pitfalls of the biopic genre and show an honest depiction of Tupac's life. As popular and influential as Tupac is, it would be an insult to his legacy to solely show the positive aspects of his life.

'All Eyez On Me' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]
'All Eyez On Me' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]

All Eyez On Me will prioritize telling the previously unknown side of Tupac's personal life and the events that led to his death, but the biopic will also shine a light on his impact on society as a whole.

From Tupac's personal statements about the heated race relations of the time, to the confrontations he had with the police force and the well-documented East-West Coast rivalry of Tupac (East Coast) and the Notorious B.I.G. (West Coast), All Eyez On Me is determined to show every aspect of Tupac's life and show how each distinct event made him the rap legend he is today.

Given recent developments, where Suge Knight has come out with new evidence regarding the identity and motivation of Tupac's killers, the release of All Eyez On Me couldn't be more timely.

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'All Eyez On Me' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]
'All Eyez On Me' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]

All Eyez On Me won't be the only new movie to center on Tupac's life and death, since the upcoming movie Labyrinth will show the procedural side of the rapper's tragic end. While All Eyez On Me follows Tupac's life, Labyrinth will tell the story of the detective (played by Johnny Depp) investigating his death.

Both movies will show different sides of the same story, so fans of the late rapper and newcomers alike will soon have great resources to learn more about one of the most influential figures in the modern day rap scene.

All Eyez On Me is also an important addition to the biopic genre when it comes to representing rap culture. Although biopics about rap stars, such as the Notorious B.I.G.'s own film chronicle Notorious, were once seen as losses in the making, Straight Outta Compton proved that this isn't always the case, earning more than $200 million worldwide and scoring an Oscar nomination. More importantly and befitting of the NWA legacy, the biopic sparked a debate about the lack of diversity and recognition in the Oscars, creating the online movement .

All Eyez On Me comes fresh off the heels of Straight Outta Compton's success, and has the opportunity to shine a new light on the rapper's life while delivering a relevant message about today's heated political climate.


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