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As the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok dropped, fans were introduced to a number of new characters, including Cate Blanchett's Mjolnir-crushing Villain, Hela, and the Grandmaster, played by Jeff Goldblum, joining in his third solo outing as the God of Thunder. Of the new characters, Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, is the most noticeably different than her comic book counterpart. The comic's Valkyrie is a member of the , a frequent ally and some-time love interest of . Early buzz had the character pegged for a similar role in Ragnarok. Which begs the question- Why has she captured Thor and handed him over to the Grandmaster? There are a couple of possibilities.

This Is A Valkyrie Who Has Fallen From Grace

In Norse Lore and Marvel Canon, leads the Valkyrior, a team of Warriors sworn to protect Asgard. The Valkyrior are seen briefly in the trailer in battle with Hela, followed by a shot of whom appears to be Valkyrie- Dressed in Asgardian armor, as opposed to the less traditional ensemble she wears on The Grandmaster's planet, Sakaar- falling. Some have speculated that these shots are set at an earlier point in time, perhaps a prologue, and may represent a literal fall from grace for Valkyrie.

Despite Asgard facing serious danger in the first two Thor films, the Valkyrior are not seen in either. This suggests that they may have been destroyed at an earlier point in Asgard's history, leaving Valkyrie the only survivor. As their leader, this may be seen as a great failure on her part, which may explain producer Kevin Feige's comments on the relationship she and Thor initially share in the film, and why she is hiding her Asgardian heritage:

"Thor thinks maybe that will create a bond between them and, on the contrary, she wants to forget it all entirely."

It appears as though Thor has some recognition of Valkyrie when he first sees her in the trailer, and seeing as she has likely been intentionally hiding from the past, she would perceive this as a bad thing. It is possible that Valkyrie captures Thor and allows him to be trapped in The Grandmaster's arena simply so he cannot tell anyone where she is.

There Is Probably A Larger Plot Going On

In another moment from the teaser, we see , once again played , in the company of The Grandmaster observing Thor's battle with The Hulk. How and why he comes to be there is uncertain, but what we do know from the end credits scene of is that both brothers, at some point in the film, will end up in New York in search of Odin.

There is a possibility that Loki enlisted Valkyrie to bring Thor to the Arena, either in hopes of eliminating his brother, or even a crazy scheme to help him.

Looking Ahead

However things pan out, it is almost a sure bet that we will see Valkyrie eventually teaming up with Thor to take Hela down, as die-hard fans would not want to see the character stray too far from her heroic origins. has been contracted to appear in more films, but whether this means we will see Valkyrie in the upcoming , or something else further down the line is yet to be determined.

Check Out The Thor: Ragnarok Teaser below:


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