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The team behind the franchise are a creative bunch, to say the least. The Fast And The Furious was about an illegal drag racing circuit, and before audiences knew it, former drag racer Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and undercover policeman Brian O'Conner (the late Paul Walker) were working together to help the CIA take down an international terrorist. Each Fast movie is more explosive than the last, and it seems like the Fast And The Furious movies could eventually run out of plausible adventures.

However, if long-time Fast writer Chris Morgan had his way, he would take the franchise to its logical extreme by bringing Toretto and his family of badasses into outer space.

Fast And The Furious: Lunar Drift?

During an interview with Uproxx, Morgan was jokingly asked if the franchise would take place in space at some point in the future. Much to the interviewer's surprise, the writer behind every Fast and Furious film since Tokyo Drift didn't dismiss the idea.

Look, I get all versions of that question. I get, ‘Are you going to space?,’ and, ‘Please, God, tell me you’re not going to space because you’ll lose me if you do.’ … The only way I’d go to space is if I had something so good.

'The Fate Of The Furious' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'The Fate Of The Furious' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Morgan even suggested a franchise crossover for series star . In this hypothetical intergalactic drag race, Dominic Toretto would bump into none other than the notorious criminal Riddick from the Riddick movies, which also star Vin Diesel.

And to top it all of, they would be brothers.

What if Dom’s long lost brother, Richard B. Riddick showed up? [He then does his best Vin Diesel impression] ‘Listen, brother.’ Oh my God, I think Dom and Riddick would be so awesome.

Riddick [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Riddick [Credit: Universal Pictures]

It's safe to say that this crossover event won't happen - even though Universal Pictures owns the rights to both franchises. The Riddick/Toretto team-up may be nothing more than a fantasy project, but it is interesting to note that Chris Morgan isn't dismissing outer space as an option for the Fast family.

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The Fast Family In Space: A Franchise That's Always Moving Forward

'Fast and Furious 6' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Fast and Furious 6' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

After starting off as a set of stories tied to the world of underground racing, the Fast and the Furious movies evolved into a heist series, before finally transforming into adrenaline-fueled international escapades that just so happened to feature muscle cars.

The upcoming The Fate Of The Furious (stylized as ) will up the ante even more, featuring the tech-savvy terrorist Cipher (Charlize Theron), who has the capability to hack into vehicles and has been able to seduce Dominic to her side.

Watch the trailer for The Fate Of The Furious below.

That's not to say that these changes are a bad thing. As ridiculous as they may sound on paper, these changes are what rekindled interest in the Fast and the Furious movies. Instead of stagnating, the Fast and the Furious movies transformed into the cinematic equivalent of a kinetic Saturday Morning Cartoon that people enjoy time and time again.

After following four Fast and the Furious movies that seemed to be waning in popularity and relevance, defied all expectations and earned more than $600 million at the box office. This success continued all the way to , which pulled in a massive $1.5 billion gross at the time of its release.

The eighth installment is also expected to maintain this lucrative trend, raking in an estimated $120 million on opening weekend. So, if there's a franchise that can confidently jump the metaphorical shark (or a tank) by heading into space, it's the Fast and the Furious series.

'Fast and the Furious 6' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Fast and the Furious 6' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

In fact, seeing Dominic Toretto and his family going out of orbit isn't even the craziest idea the series' writers are currently playing with.

It's been teased that Han (Sung Kang) could actually return for the upcoming Fast and Furious 9, despite being killed off by a vengeful Jason Statham in Fast and Furious 6. If this happens, it would be the second time a supposedly dead character has come back to life in a Fast and the Furious movie, the first being Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) who was thought to have died in Fast & Furious, but returned in the sixth movie.

Compared to raising the dead, burning asphalt in outer space sounds like an ordinary day for the Fast and Furious family. The question is, would fans really want to see the franchise heading out of orbit?


Do you want to see 'Fast and the Furious' go to space?


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