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Warning: This post will contain spoilers for Secret Empire.

Comic book fans all over the world have been upset ever since Steve Rogers first hailed Hydra. Due to a controversial issue of Steve Rogers: Captain America, people were freaking out about the personality shift and even canceled their substitutions, ditching Marvel Comics because they felt betrayed. It may seem like a harsh reaction, but comic book fans (including myself) felt betrayed because Steve Rogers went against everything he stands for.

The good news is that it's almost over, and there has now been a big reveal concerning the future of 's Steve Rogers. Marvel Comics will soon end the Steve Rogers blasphemy in Secret Empire, ending with Steve Rogers holding Thor's Hammer, Mjilnor!

While some see this as bad news, I believe this is good news for Marvel fans.

Steve Rogers Is Still Good At Heart!

Image credit: Marvel Comics
Image credit: Marvel Comics

As any Marvel fan will know, Mjilnor can only be lifted by those who are worthy. If Steve Rogers was actually evil, he would not be able to lift Thor's hammer. So, the one thing that can be taken from this reveal is that Steve Rogers remains a good person at heart.

Rogers believes that Hydra can be more than just a Nazi organization created for world domination. He believes that Hydra can be used for good. The problem is whether or not the heroes of Marvel can or will accept that this is possible.

For decades, Hydra has been an elite terrorist organization in Marvel comics, so Steve Rogers' membership might not be something the heroes will be able to accept. However, we all know that the heroes will win in the end (especially since Marvel announced that they will not have any crossovers for a while).

This begs an important question:

What happens to Steve Rogers next?

Deadpool will not be happy when he finds out that Steve Rogers was using him. Image credit: Marvel Comics
Deadpool will not be happy when he finds out that Steve Rogers was using him. Image credit: Marvel Comics

What happens after the series is over? Well, it's likely to be the best part of Cap's story: redemption.

There is no way Steve Rogers will remain a part of Hydra forever. After Secret Empire is over, look for one of two things to happen. Steve Rogers will either break down and spend his tenure as an Avenger in an attempt to redeem himself, or he will fake his death and do his best to save the world without the aid of his fellow heroes.

Who dies and what changes after Secret Empire?

Image credit: Marvel Comics
Image credit: Marvel Comics

In a series like this, someone almost always dies, someone switches sides, and someone makes an emphatic return.

So, who will be the big star of this series? I would guess that it will be Iron Man. With Tony Stark in some sort of stasis and Spider-Man: Homecoming's release right around the corner, it would only make sense that Iron Man would come back to save the day. On top of that, there is nobody better to save Steve Rogers than Tony Stark, a man with whom he shares a notoriously troubled friendship.

Remember the Civil War 2 Prophesy?

Image credit: Marvel Comics
Image credit: Marvel Comics

During Civil War 2, we got a glimpse of a possible future (as you can see above). While it seems very unlikely that Miles Morales would kill Steve Rogers, there are always circumstances where these unlikely tragedies could happen in Marvel comics.

What if Steve Rogers is about to kill his teammate and good friend Kamala Khan? Miles may not mean to kill him, but he would absolutely beat Rogers down if he thought about harming anyone he loves. Especially after seeing his mother die.

Miles may not kill Steve Rogers, but look for that prophesy to manifest in some way or another.

Whatever happens at the end of Secret Empire, it will be the last major crossover for at least 18 months. We can only hope that they want to end this with a bang. Steve Rogers is one of the most influential characters in comic book history because of who he is and what he stands for, so it makes sense for this to end with Steve Rogers returning to his boy scout roots.

What did you think will happen to Steve Rogers after Secret Empire? Let me know in the comments below.


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