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Over here at K&K Productions, we love the CW shows like, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. So it was a dream come true when we were asked to shoot this short film for DC Fancast (sadly no longer on the air), which pits all those heroes against the League of Assassins!

We got to use the official Arrow (Season 3) and Flash costumes, which was so cool and worked with an awesome stunt team to create some really fun DC action!

The Flash headgear!
The Flash headgear!

Check out the video right here

The video was shot over two days and was shot at the Sky TV campus in the UK. If you want to see more about how the video was made, including some of the visual effects check out the video below.

The Flash is actually my all time favorite comic book hero (plus I love the Wally west version of him in Justice league unlimited), so that was my favorite scene to direct and the most fun!

Myself on set with Troy Kenchington. who played the Flash and Arrow
Myself on set with Troy Kenchington. who played the Flash and Arrow
The League of Assassins
The League of Assassins

We really hope you enjoy the video and we have loads more cool superhero films over on our YouTube channel. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

All stills by Mouine Omari. Go check out his page!


So what's your favorite CW superhero show at the moment?


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