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Jason Momoa is already set to do battle with Black Manta in , and rumors suggest he'll also be crossing his trident with his own half-brother, Orm, as well as the rebellious King Nereus. On top of all that, he'll also be faced with a sea of monstrous beasts, rumored to be The Trench.

This comes courtesy of Superhero News, who discuss all the week's comic-related news at length in their recent video. The Aquaman reveal describes a creepy new threat appearing in the movie as bipedal humanoids with deep-sea oceanic features: big heads, big eyes and very sharp teeth. These distinguishing features certainly fit the bill of the carnivorous Trench.

The full discussion (below) also gives credit to The Aquaman Shine, who first claimed that The Trench will appear in Aquaman back in October 2014.

For those unfamiliar with the slimy threat from the deep, The Trench were created when Atlantis fell into the ocean, rending its kingdoms apart. The Atlantians survived, along with the extra-dimensional Xebelians and The Trench. They adapted to life on the bottom of the sea in a decidedly different manner to their Atlantian kin thanks to their proximity to the Marianas Trench - the deepest place on Earth. They became humanoid monsters with toxic abilities, owing their allegiance to the bearer of the mystical Dead King's Scepter.

Arthur Curry's first brush with The Trench came in the New 52 reboot, in which he was pursuing a comparatively dry life on land with Mera. When The Trench attack a nearby harbor, it was up to Aquaman to save the day, forcing him to dive to the depths of the ocean in order to confront the marine civilization.

While they're a suitably horrific threat, there's an element of tragedy to this doomed civilization trapped at the lowest point of the ocean, but we're betting director James Wan is going for the full creep-factor with his practical monsters.

Practically Monstrous: James Wan Takes On The Trench

Director James Wan is said to be bringing The Trench to life using predominantly practical effects, using stilts, full-body suits and masks augmented with animatronics. The debate between digital and practical effects has raged for decades, peaking most notably with George Lucas's Star Wars with The Phantom Menace. The debate remains pertinent today, with many criticizing Ridley Scott's most recent installment of the Alien saga for its dependence on CGI to realize the titular threat.

In all likelihood, The Trench will be supporting Aquaman's true villain, whether that turns out to be Black Manta or another underwater threat. Should these rumors prove to be true, James Wan will have nailed his colors to the sunken mast in a sea of comic book movies that often rely heavily on CGI legions to fill the role of a disposable threat.

What do you think of The Trench joining James Wan's Aquaman? Sound off in the comments below!

[Source: Superhero News]


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