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"You have to be what you are. Whatever you are, you gotta be it." -Johnny Cash. Tweet a tweeter at my twitty twitter, @tw1tterintw1t
Sam Plank

Ask any or fan what weapon they'd want in the event of a zombie apocalypse, and boy, the answers you'd get. From a simple barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat to a sword-grenade launcher-MP3 player combo, everyone has their flavor.

Me? I'll walk right past all that. No knives, no guns, no RPGs.

This is the only badass weapon I'll need to survive the apocalypse.

Daryl Fing Dixon

What, you don't agree? Check out his resume and you'll see otherwise.

He does things like this on a daily basis:

This is nothing to him:

And this? Kid's play.

He has no qualms about getting the job done.

All he needs is some fried squirrel and hooch, and seeing how all the hooch-drinkers of the world are now zombies, it seems we'd have free rein over the booch market. He'd do this to get to an abandoned cabin full of hooch:

And this for some country fried squirrel:

Followed by this right here:

And he'd finish off the job each day with a little bit of this:

Daryl Dixon: He IS The Weapon!

Sorry, Iron Fist, you is the weapon too. Yes, you is.


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