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Away from herding nerfs, is slipping on his leather jacket and slipping his blaster in his pants to play in Disney's next anthology film. Taking over the role that so brilliant played for 38 years *sob*, the latest movie will track the roguish smuggler's early days before he was falling for princesses or taking a saber to the chest.

With an all-star cast that also includes the likes of Donald Glover and Thandie Newton, Han Solo (STILL nameless) has already started filming in Spain with hopes to continue the success of 2016's Rogue One. Spotted on set in the the sunnier climbs were actors Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson and Warwick Davis, but some leaked images may now give us a clue to what they are doing there.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

[Credit: Star Wars News Net]
[Credit: Star Wars News Net]

Posted on Star Wars News Net, we get a first glimpse of a strange new land and its rather peculiar buildings. While the dusty outcrop in space looks like just another generic Star Wars set, it seems that for once, we won't just be pottering around on Tatooine. Given the ramshackle structures and wrecked housing, there are reports that confirm the rumors of the new locale being based on Han's home planet of Corellia. The first photos originated on Spanish language site Carnias7, which had some interesting thoughts on why this is Corellia:

“The hometown of Han Solo emerges from the white sand of the Jandía Natural Park. The inhabitants of this place, the planet Corellia, live in damaged igloos under the remains of ships and other intergalactic scrap. It is the first image from this shooting location. Early rumors pointed to houses being built of salt, with tons and tons of salt. A witness who managed this week to avoid the heavy security of the set described that the town was made up of brown leather tents or jaimas. However, the image shows a village almost on the verge of being undone, built with metallic remains that provide protection from the sun of Corellia being created in Fuerteventura.”

[Credit: Canarias7]
[Credit: Canarias7]

Interestingly, the previous descriptions of Corellia have labelled it as a having jungles and forest, so if directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller really are using Fuerteventura as their base for the Corellia set, it is clearly a very different planet from the source material. Either way, we are pretty confident that this is our first look at Corellia, which will mark the planet's arrival into the Star Wars movieverse. Given that the planet is also where legendary squadron planet Wedge Antilles comes from, it may not be the last time we set down on its scorching surface.

Just like Rogue One gave us a look at a young Jyn Erso and her time on Lah'mu, it isn't too hard to see why a Han origin story would go back to the character's start. Although we have known this man for the past 40 years, Han's past is a shadowy adventure that is presumably filled with one-night stands and shady dealings.

Corellia was also importantly the place where the Millennium Falcon was built. The iconic ship HAS to appear in a Solo solo (otherwise, what would be the point of the film?), but I am guessing its big reveal will be saved until the end. If this is the case, could Corellia serve as the location of the climax to the film rather than a flashback to an even younger Han, or will all the action be based here? Only time will tell as we patiently wait for the untitled Han Solo anthology film, scheduled for a May 2018 release.

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(Source: Star War News Net/Canarias7)


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