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Could This Be How The Mysterious Vanishing Point Was Created In Marvel's 'Secret Empire'?

By Kurt Arthur ⋅ Posted on June 16, 2017 at 10:58am

Secret Empire may not be everyone's cup of tea, due to Captain America hailing Hydra and the current political climate all around the world. Still, Nick Spencer is delivering one heck of an event comic for #Marvel. So, Cap took over S.H.I.E.L.D. and then took over America because the Cosmic Cube changed his reality. As of now, he's currently hunting for the Cosmic Cube, which was left in pieces after the entity Kobik blew up.

#SecretEmpire has already crammed a ton of amazing stuff it its first five issues, but none bigger than the introductions of the other Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in some "Unknown Place." Another major question on most fans' minds is how can Captain America be redeemed. While others think it's impossible. I believe that the other Steve Rogers is actually the real version from the main universe. Here's why:

Pleasant Hill

Captain America: Steve Rogers [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Maria Hill decided to put supervillains in an alternate reality created by the Cosmic Cube so they would shy away from their criminal tendencies. They named it Pleasant Hill. An old Steve Rogers thoroughly disagreed with this practice and went there to bust the criminals out. He was then attacked and fatally wounded. Luckily, there was a 4-year-old girl named Kobik at the bowling alley where Steve was left dying.

She's a sentient being with the power of the Cosmic Cube (Reality-altering power set). Not only did she save Steve, but she also made him young again as well. Don't forget, she also created false memories of Steve being recruited by Hydra at such a young age.

But what else did she create?

Steve's Other Reality (The Vanishing Point)

Secret Empire [Credit: Marvel Comics]

How did the other Steve get into this place, and which version is it? It could be the Ultimate Universe's version, with certain people and objects now creeping into existence in the main universe. But do we really want that? No, we want Cap back. And so, what if Kobik created a pocket universe where the original aspects of everything she changed are stored there? After all, she's a living being with the foresight to understand that she might want to change it back one day. She calls it her "Vanishing Point" because everything vanishes when she changed the world. You know, it's like like a saving point for you computer in case it ever crashes.

When Hydra Cap finally collects all the shards of the Cosmic Cube, the other (original) Steve Rogers will leave that world. Kobik put in safeguards, and yes, she's very young, but she's one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Cap greets Hydra Cap and tells him what he's doing is wrong. I think we're all curious to see how Hydra Cap would react to the original Captain America telling him that. This is how Marvel can head into Generations with a clean slate, and explains why the Vanishing Point is such a huge deal.

Do you think this possible?

[Credit: Marvel Comics]

How do you think they got there?