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Your Favorite Marvel And DC Superheroes Have Been Given A More Realistic Look

By Allanah Faherty ⋅ Posted on July 06, 2017 at 3:13pm

Superhero flicks have dominated the box office for over a decade, and with even more films planned out for years to come, it truly seems like we're living in the era of the super human. But while chiseled jawlines, washboard abs and sculpted biceps are par for the course for our onscreen super-friends, in real life those body types are far from the norm.

Obviously superheroes are supposed to look like the absolute perfection, after all, they're not your average person, but what would they look like if their body types were a little closer to the average? — an organization that connects people and families to information to aid in recovery from substance abuse and behavioral disorders — has recently taken the time to reimagine what some of our favorite superheroes would look like if they had just plain, regular bodies, and the results are pretty jarring! Take a look below and find out:


[Credit: DC Comics/]

The Man of Steel may be the world's most famous superhero, debuting in print almost 80 years ago, but this new look brings him into the 21st Century where more than 72 million American adults are obese.

Black Panther

[Credit: Marvel Comics/]

From sleek feline to fat cat, this version of #Marel's Black Panther gives the famous Wakandan king a lot more cushion for the pushin'.


[Credit: DC Comics/]

Swimming all day is bound to expend a lot of energy, but what if Aquaman were packing a life saver-sized stomach? After all, only one in five Americans are doing 150 minutes or more of physical activity per week, so this updated version of Aquaman reflects the new normal.


[Credit: Marvel Comics/]

This alien guardian has been given much more defined curves, and more powerful-looking arms — all the better to wield swords with!

Harley Quinn

[Credit: DC Comics/]

#DC's Harley Quinn might look like she's had a bit more puddin', but actually her body now more accurately reflects the typical American female, who apparently weighs 168lb, almost 30lb heavier than Harley's original 140lb.

Captain Marvel

[Credit: Marvel Comics/]

A skilled hand-to-hand combatant, There's no messing with Captain Marvel in whatever form she takes.


[Credit: Marvel Comics/]

Spider-Man might be a slender teen doing the best to save the folk of New York City in the comics, but this updated version gives him a bigger belly to reflect the fact that in reality one in five American high schoolers are obese.

Scarlet Witch

[Credit: Marvel Comics/]

With wider hips and thighs, Scarlet Witch still looks as powerful as ever.

Black Widow

[Credit: Marvel Comics/]

It's hard to believe that the image on the left is actually how Black Widow has been depicted in comic books, she hardly looks capable of all the ass kickings that we know Natasha Romanoff can dish out!

What do you think of these altered superheroes? Sound off in the comments.


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