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Zack Snyder's bleak vision for Superman in Man of Steel incited rabid debates between comic book fandoms, and the bleaker-yet Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice only made things even more heated. More than a year and a half later, fans are still arguing about the latter film — and now, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has requested on Twitter that comic book fans agree to disagree.

Gunn is usually an affable presence on social media, but he seems legitimately irritated regarding the long debate over Snyder's Batman v Superman:

Here's Gunn's full statement:

"Every time I mention anything DC, no matter what, my feed becomes an endless screaming match about BvS. You guys are never going to convince each other - it’s just a bunch of wasted energy. At least when you’re screaming at each other about Trump, it’s something of international importance. But it’s a 2 year old movie that some people like and some people don’t. Why is someone else’s opinion so important to you. As Marvel and DC super fans you have way more in common with each other than you do with the rest of the world. So why do you spend so much time raging at each other? It’s silly. Please just stop it. Stop engaging in that way. But at the very least when you do, untag me. I’ve muted a lot of you guys, but not all. Thanks."

Gunn makes some great points, especially how "Marvel and DC super fans ... have way more in common with each other than ... with the rest of the world." It's understandable that DC fans were disappointed over poor critical reviews for the until Wonder Woman, but fans of both companies should take Gunn's advice and rethink their perspective on how to debate over superhero movies.

Where Should Fans Draw The Line While Debating Over Superhero Movies?

Cinema has always been subjective in nature. As millions of people consume blockbuster movies and form an equivalent number of opinions, it isn't necessary for everyone to agree on the merits of a film. It's great that we can interpret movies in multiple ways.

However, technical aspects like fight choreography, cinematography, editing and character development aren't always open to interpretation, since they should ultimately have a sense of coherence. Fantastic Four's overuse of CGI objectively affected the quality and pace of its climax; it's indefensible. This should be pointed out so that filmmakers don't end up making similar mistakes in the future.

We're currently living in the golden era of comic book movies, as we are getting to see our childhood icons on the big screen, being played by the best actors and actresses available in the industry. However, by endlessly bickering on forums and comment sections over who did it better, we will only malign the community, the genre and ourselves.

So, if fans find people who are ready to engage and debate in a productive manner, they should go ahead and have a healthy discussion. On the other hand, if someone is obviously more interested in trolling — as opposed to delving into the thematic and technical merits of a movie — then it's best to walk away. And please, leave James Gunn out of it.

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