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You'd have to be living under a rock to miss the impact Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman film has had on the world — and that goes for Halloween, too. The character's fame has seen an upsurge since the new film. And now, it seems that Wonder Woman has successfully beaten her competition to become this Halloween's most popular costume.

According to Google's Frightgeist, Wonder Woman is the most searched-for Halloween costume. The function allows you to see costume popularity over the years, as well as which cities have searched the most for an ensemble. And it's clear from Frightgeist, Wonder Woman is the reigning queen of this year.

defied odds to become the highest grossing superhero origin film, and the highest grossing film to be directed by a woman. It not only broke records but received critical acclaim, becoming one of the most-acclaimed superhero films of all time. So it's easy to see why the character was the most opted for Halloween costume this year.

Wonder Woman wasn't the only DC character at the top of the list though, coming at number 2 was DC's antihero . The character created for Batman: The Animated Series was a major character in 2016's movie Suicide Squad, and Harley Quinn has become somewhat of a global icon.

It's a big achievement for Warner Bros. and that these badass female characters are receiving so much love from the fans, and it goes to show why we need more and more female characters on the screen. Halloween costumes aside, female superheroes are inspiring to us all.

Are you surprised by Wonder Woman reigning over Halloween? What did you dress up as this Halloween? Sound off below!

(Source: Google]


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