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It was revealed last week that Disney and Lucasfilm will be making a new trilogy of Star Wars films, the first of which will be written and directed by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. While we didn't get much information in the press statement, the crumbs released sent the internet into full investigative mode over what the films could be about. All we know is that the films will not be part of the Skywalker Saga and will cover a part of the galaxy previously unseen to fans. One has to wonder where this could be going, so here are a couple ideas.

1. The Old Republic

It's no secret than Star Wars fans want an Old Republic film — just look at any comments section on articles or videos about the new trilogy. And why shouldn't they want it? The video game that gave us the term "Old Republic," Knights of the Old Republic, is considered to be an RPG masterpiece and the best game a set in a galaxy far, far away. While the old Expanded Universe interpretation of the era is no longer canon, we have seen some tidbits over the years that suggest the new Old Republic will look vastly different than the game.

Set around 1,000 years prior to the events of the primary saga films, the look and feel of the Old Republic would be quite different as technology would be less advanced. Based on the Darth Bane concept art from The Clone Wars, the era may be more feudal in it's interpretation. But that doesn't mean the stories would be any less interesting, as events like the Sith/Jedi War, The Rule of Two and the Mandolorian Conflict can still be explored.

[Credit: Electronic Arts]
[Credit: Electronic Arts]

2. Tarre Vizsla And The Dark Saber

Speaking of Mandalorians, we've never actually seen one on the big screen before. The Fetts are not considered to be part of the order, so their mysticism is only known to those who have read the books or are up to date on Star Wars Rebels. In Rebel's third season, we got a peak into the past and saw a brief flash into the early days of the Jedi. The Mandalorians are a race of warriors but Tarre Vizsla went above and beyond, becoming the first, and only at this point, Jedi Mandalorian. He fashioned himself his own unique lightsaber, the Dark Saber, which would eventually come into the possession of Darth Maul. Seeing the Jedi/Sith conflict from the point of view of someone who still has loyalties to another faction would be great on film.

Mandalorians in 'Star Wars Rebels' [Credit: Disney XD]
Mandalorians in 'Star Wars Rebels' [Credit: Disney XD]

3. The Hundred Year Darkness

Keeping with the idea that the trilogy will be set during events prior to the main films, the Hundred Year Darkness would be another interesting setting to explore. It's the event that started it all, as we would get to witness a group of Jedi abandon the young Order and make their own after their discovery of the Dark Side. These rogue Jedi would in turn eventually become the Sith. Since there isn't that much information on this period, Johnson would be free to draw his blank canvas in anyway he so desires.

Exile of the Dark Jedi [Credit: Dark Horse Comics]
Exile of the Dark Jedi [Credit: Dark Horse Comics]

4. A Jedi-Free Anthology Set During The Sequel Trilogy

So far, we've assumed that the trilogy will be in the past and that it'll focus on the Force — but what if we're wrong? The press statement cites that the films will take place in a part of the galaxy we've never explored before with brand new characters, but it didn't specify the era. What if Johnson creates a new story set parallel to the events of the new saga films? Venturing into uncharted territory, we could see a new corner of the galaxy, likely the Unknown Regions or Wild Space, and we'd get to see places, species and events currently unknown to us. With Rey and Luke taking care of things in the main films, there would be no Jedi in this trilogy. That doesn't necessarily mean that there would be no Force users, but in a galaxy full of interesting and unexplored characters, seeing a new faction, order or community may be the angle Johnson will tackle in this new trilogy of films.

Which era would you like to see this new trilogy set in? Sound off in the comments below!


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