The Purge: How Long Would You Actually Survive?

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The annual Purge is coming. This time, there will be anarchy. Take this simple test to determine how long you will survive...

  1. How Handy Are You in a Fight?

    • I suck but I've got attitude
    • I can't handle confrontation
    • I team up with stronger people
    • Handy? I once killed a man.
  2. The Purge Begins. Where Do You Hide Out?

    • The top floor of my apartment
    • My apartment. It's fully siege-proof
    • A remote cabin in the wilderness
    • Hide? I'm too scared to move!
  3. What Skill Can You Bring To Protect Yourself?

    • I cry very, very quietly
    • I have no problem with killing to survive
    • I run very fast
    • I'm really good at hiding
  4. How Have You Fortified Your Location?

    • Locked all doors and windows
    • Several layers of solid steel form a complete barricade
    • I have machine guns mounted on turrets
    • Burned some protective herbs
  5. A Man Outside Is Injured And Asks For Your Help. What Do You Do?

    • Check no-one's around and let him in
    • Open the door and say 'Hello?'
    • Nothing. He won't get past my booby traps to my location, anyway.
    • Chuck him a spare gun and medikit
  6. Keep Your Strength Up. What Do You Eat?

    • I'm too tense to eat
    • Booze. Who cares anymore?
    • Protein bars and dried fruit
    • Sandwiches and caffeine pills
  7. Your Location Has Been Breached. What Do You Do?

    • Run around screaming
    • Leap into my armored vehicle and speed away
    • Cover myself in blood, play dead
    • Find somewhere to hide
  8. If You Survive The Purge, What Will Be Your First Thought?

    • 'Is that all you got, cowards?? Bring on next year!'
    • 'Is it worth living in a world like this?'
    • 'Waaaaahhh OMG this is SO HORRIBLE!'
    • 'That was unpleasant but I feel lucky to be alive.'
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