How Much Have Movies Warped Your Fragile Little Mind?

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Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative...

  1. This image made you...

    • Question movie violence
    • Try to remember which horror movie you'd seen it in before
    • Wince
  2. You're home alone and you hear a noise, what do you do?

    • I've been WAITING for this. Come at me, bro!
    • Stay calm, it's probably nothing.
    • Hide under the bed until morning
  3. Let's say there's a movie about a crazy guy surgically modifying his victim into a walrus...

    • What are you talking about?
    • Ew.
    • Yeah! Tusk Tusk Tusk!
  4. Which weapon would you be a total badass with?

    • I'd punch a guy if he pushed me enough
    • Violence never solves anything.
    • A Chainsaw! Vvvvvrrrrrrroooooommmm!
  5. What are you thinking when you walk past the meat counter?

    • Gross, I'm vegetarian
    • I wonder what human meat tastes like?
    • I'll be deliberating what to have for dinner
  6. How did you feel about Saw as a movie?

    • I would literally never watch something so horrific
    • I've watched the whole series, even the really dreadful ones. They were HILARIOUS.
    • I had to close my eyes at certain points
  7. What's your opinion on blood?

    • I turn the color off on my TV because it grosses me out too much
    • A little is OK, if it's appropriate
    • I crave cascading waterfalls of the red stuff on screen!
  8. How many self-inflicted limb amputations have you seen on screen?

    • Maybe a few?
    • I pretty much only watch movies where limbs get chopped off
    • What? None!
  9. Aw, man. You've been stabbed 12 times by a serial killer. What do you do?

    • Bleed profusely and pray for a miracle
    • Bite his throat out, make myself a tourniquet from his arterial viscera
    • Die, obvs.
  10. Teeth-clenchingly violent horror movies?

    • Maybe sometimes?
    • No no no no no no no no NO
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