Grotesquely Difficult Real Life Horror Quiz...

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Oh, so you think you know REAL horror, huh? Play on...

  1. Which Of These Is A Movie About Ed Gein?

    • Demented
    • Degraded
    • Deranged
    • Depraved
  2. Which Of These Is A Horror Movie Based On A True Story?

    • 246°F
    • 245°F
    • 244°F
    • 247°F
  3. Which Is The Only Killer Thomas Harris himself has cited as inspiration for Hannibal Lecter?

    • Pietro Pacciani
    • William Coyne
    • Albert Fish
    • Alfredo Treviño
  4. Which Of These Movies Is NOT Based On A Real Life Paranormal Case By Ed and Lorraine Warren?

    • The Haunting In Connecticut
    • An American Haunting
    • The Haunted
    • The Conjuring
  5. Which Of These Is NOT A Movie About John Wayne Gacy?

    • 8213
    • Killer Clown
    • Gacy
    • To Catch A Killer
  6. Hoboken Hollow Is A Grisly Real Life Horror Movie. But Which State Is It Set In?

    • Nevada
    • Alabama
    • New Mexico
    • Texas
  7. Which Of These Is NOT A Movie About The Zodiac Killer?

    • Zodiac Unmasked
    • The Zodiac
    • Zodiac
    • The Zodiac Killer
  8. Which Actor Has Appeared As Jeffrey Dahmer On Screen?

    • Michael Fassbender
    • Philip Seymour Hoffman
    • Jeremy Renner
    • Matt Damon
  9. Which Of These Cults Is Fictional?

    • Heaven's Gate
    • Children Of God
    • The Solar Temple
    • The Children Of The Lord
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