Hobbit Quiz: How Far Along Bilbo's Quest To Erebor Would You Get?

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It's a long way over the Misty Mountains, young Hobbit...

  1. Dwarves crash your house! How do you feel about this?

    • Call in a favor from a Nazgul and have them all massacred
    • I'm a bit annoyed, but I sense an adventure!
    • Ugh, those hairy morons! I'd yell at them to go away
    • Go stay at a neighbor's Hobbit hole 'til it all blows over
  2. Confusticate and bebother! You've been attacked by Trolls. Your next move is...

    • Get them to argue amongst themselves
    • Sit on the floor and cry. A lot.
    • Keep quiet and wait it out
    • Persuade them to eat a dwarf instead of you
  3. Uh-oh. You've become embroiled in a chaotic fight in the Goblin Kingdom. What now?

    • Cut off a Goblin's face and wear it, so I can blend in
    • Freeze on the spot in abject terror
    • Get my sword out and enter the fray: I can FIGHT!
    • Hide behind my friends who are better fighters than me
  4. You're confronted by Gollum. Are you any good at riddles?

    • Yes, I've got a very inquisitive mind
    • I'm not very good at riddles, but I'll try my best
    • Ugh, what IS that creature? I'm too stressed to think!
    • I'd just stab him, it's quicker that way
  5. Your party is set upon by a massive white orc and his posse. Battle tactics?

    • Tell the orcs some Elvish secrets in the hope I can barter my freedom
    • Run, run and RUN away
    • I'm a pretty seasoned fighter by this point!
    • Well, I won't hide but I just hate fighting
  6. Giant Spider Attack! Thoughts?

    • Erm, just wait for the Elves to arrive? They're pretty tough guys
    • I'm gonna bust out that ring I found, that seems kind of cool
    • Let's stick together and fight as best we can
  7. You are being chased by what appears to be an enormous bear. What's the plan?

    • Hide, barricade the door
    • I only need to outrun the guy behind me, right?
    • PLAN? I'm being chased by a massive bear! RUNNNNN
  8. The people of Laketown are really, really mad at you. What now?

    • Attempt to ransom the Arkenstone?
    • Just ignore them, hopefully they'll go away
    • Stupid peasants, I'll torch their crappy town to the ground!
    • Wait for one of my smarter friends to talk to them
  9. You've unleashed a dirty great Dragon! What do you do?

    • Make a 'THERE are my dragons!' joke?
    • Steal all the treasure I can and run away
    • A little bird told me his weakness! Call Bard!
    • Maybe if we melt a load of gold and get him with it?
  10. You've made it to The Battle of The Five Armies. What's your strategy?

    • Have you not been listening? I'm useless, I'm obviously dead by now
    • Team up with the Elves, Dwarves and Men - and FIGHT
    • Whatever - I've got my treasure now, I'm leaving
    • To be honest, I'm going to hide until the Eagles arrive
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