Who's Your Ideal Vampire Boyfriend?

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Are you team Edward...or do you like a bad boy?

  1. You're at an event crammed full of undead babes, which sort of Vampire would you sink your teeth into?

    • The stunner who seems to be drowning his sorrows, he needs cheering up
    • The shy guy in the corner whose eyes glint with hidden passion
    • The dude in the leather jacket doing shots at the bar with his friends
    • The inexplicably hypnotic man who held the door open for you like a true gentleman
  2. So, you guys hit if off big time! What kind of first date would your undead lover whip up for you?

    • Sharing a bottle of red wine in a candlelit bubble bath
    • Anything that takes place after dark
    • A private tour of an art exhibition of old masters
    • A romantic picnic somewhere secluded
  3. You guys want to move into a new pad together, which sort of house would you choose?

    • An exquisitely decorated town house in an upmarket neighborhood
    • A slick city pad near the local hotspots
    • An unpretentious and cozy cottage on the edge of town
    • Something opulent and grand like a manor house or a castle
  4. Wahey, Time for a house-warming party! What do all your friends say about your new beau?

    • He was quite intense, but one of the most interesting people I have met
    • He's not the most talkative person in the world, but he obviously has a good heart
    • He was the life and soul of the party... I think he might have been flirting with me, though!
    • He didn't get any of my pop culture references, but he was just so damned charming
  5. Oh no! You guys have your first argument about the events of the party. What would you and your lover be fighting about?

    • That you didn't give him enough attention throughout the night
    • That you were too hungover to help him clean up all the mess at 8am
    • That your excessive drinking was MOST unladylike
    • That you made everyone go home before sun up
  6. You and lover boy kiss and make up and he buys you a gift to apologize. What is it?

    • A gold bracelet with your names engraved on the inside
    • A classic car with a driver
    • A ride in a hot air baloon
    • A portrait of you that he painted himself
  7. After he gives you his gift, your vampiric babe says he has something special to ask you. What does he say?

    • Screw work! Do you want to tour Africa with me for a year?
    • You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Let's move to my estate in Europe and you can be my dark queen!
    • I think you understand me more than anyone else. Let's live in the mountains together, just you and me!
    • I know it's soon but I am a true romantic... Will you marry me?
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