How Excited Are You For Season 5 Of The Walking Dead?

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As excited as a walker seeing a warm body, or more of a reluctant child-shooting Carol?

  1. How many times have you watched the Season 4 finale?

    • Dude, forget the Season 4 finale, I re-watched the entire series!
    • I haven't even finished Season 4 yet
    • A couple times but I rewound and watched the final scene about 5 times
    • Just the once
  2. How many times have you watched the Season 5 trailer?

    • There's a trailer for Season 5?
    • Watched it three times - where the hell is Beth?!
    • Gave it a quick watch, looked good!
    • I lost count. AND I read every trailer analysis article on the web.
  3. What food are you planning on eating during the premier?

    • No food, just some skunked beer
    • Spaghetti! In honor of Hershel.
    • Canned peas and carrots
    • A ton of chocolate pudding
  4. What would stop you from watching the premier?

    • The offer of free beer might draw me away...
    • It'd take a quite severe injury and even then I might watch the first 10 minutes while I wait for the ambulance
    • Wouldn't take much, even a good Friends rerun would be enough
    • Nothing. Even if the house is burning, the kids are injured and there's a tornado imminent I WILL be watching.
  5. What character are you most excited to see?

    • Beth, where the HELL is she?!
    • Rick, I can't wait for the return of this bad-ass sheriff
    • Daryl - hands down best character on the show.
    • Judith, she's so cute!
  6. Which Season 5 rumor do you like the sound of most?

    • Terminus being full of saddistic cannibals
    • That it's the last season - wait is that a rumour or just wishful thinking?
    • The gang headed to Washington!
    • Father Gabriel making an appearance
  7. What was your favorite walker?

    • Michonne's guard walkers
    • The prison guards
    • Definitely the well walker- oldie but goodie
    • The one that was growing into a tree, so mossy
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