Which Sinister Six Villain Are You?

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Want to know which Spider-Man villain is your spirit animal? This quiz will tell you.

  1. Which job appeals to you most?

    • Electronics engineer and inventor
    • iI was pretty much always a criminal
    • Stunt man and special effects techie
    • Big game hunter
    • Nuclear physicist
    • Electrical engineer and linesman
  2. What do you hate? Like...really hate?

    • Water. Stupid, stupid water.
    • Split personalities. And...splitting in general.
    • Crappy health problems, man.
    • Bright light. And spiders. Oh GOD, spiders.
    • Those damn Power kids...
    • Resurrection ceremonies gone awry.
  3. What weapon would you use in a pinch?

    • A smoke machine
    • Robotics
    • Rocks
    • Tranquilizer gun
    • Power lines
    • Electromagnetic anti-grav generator
  4. You're redecorating your villain's lair. What color do you paint it?

    • Animal prints. They're so in this year.
    • Perhaps something with a metallic finish...
    • A dramatic purple would do
    • Various shades of blue, I think
    • Pine green, I suppose
    • A nice buff beige
  5. While you're remodeling, what room do you add?

    • Whatever it is, it needs to be airtight.
    • Home theater and prop storage
    • A robotics laboratory
    • A trophy room
    • Giant-ass electric generator room
    • Huge room with high ceilings
  6. If you ever had the chance to do good, would you?

    • Briefly, but it probably wouldn't stick.
    • HELL no.
    • Possibly, after a life-changing moment of empathy.
    • Hah. Hahaha. HAHAHAHA. ...No.
    • Maybe once in the past...but no more.
    • I'd try really hard, at least...
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