Which Son Of Anarchy Are You?

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Ridin' through this world...with your SAMCRO buddies beside you...

  1. Pick an unconventional weapon.

    • A bath full of piss
    • Heroin
    • Two knives
    • Carving fork
  2. How loyal are you to a trusted figure of authority?

    • I make my own rules
    • I'm loyal, but I speak my mind
    • I follow my heart
    • I'm a bit of a livewire...
  3. What's your love life like?

    • I keep my love life kind of private
    • I have one true love
    • I've had great, lasting relationships...but they didn't end well
    • I'll hit anything with a pulse
  4. Choose a SAMCRO enemy to DESTROY!

    • The Real IRA
    • The Iranian Torture Porn Gang
    • The Aryan Brotherhood
    • L.O.A.N.
  5. How are you in a fight?

    • Straight-up psychotic
    • Totally freakin' solid
    • Not physically strong, but resourceful
    • Cautious, but reliable
  6. Choose a firearm.

    • Colt Pony
    • 1911-A1 Springfield
    • MAC-10
    • Beretta 92
  7. Who would you rather punch in the face?

    • O' Phelan
    • Pope
    • Galen
    • Stahl
  8. Think about the worst thing you've ever done. How do you feel?

    • Awful
    • I've gotten over it
    • It had to be done
    • No, I won't
  9. What's the most important thing in the world to you?

    • My kids
    • My partner
    • My friends
    • My work
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