Can You Guess Which Horror Movie These Crazy, Brutal Deaths Are From?

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So many ways to die...can you remember which horror movie these deaths are from?

  1. Q: How d'ya kill him? A: Oh, I just jammed a blender into his head.

    • The Unborn
    • The Strangers
    • Halloween: Resurrection
    • You're Next
  2. Which movie shows this lovely nun getting murdered by a hammer-wielding child?

    • Case 39
    • The Orphanage
    • The Omen: 666
    • Orphan
  3. Life Rule: try not to fall into a pile of bear traps...

    • You're Next
    • Seed of Chucky
    • Saw VI
    • The Collector
  4. A drill drops into the jacuzzi...gory electrification ensues!

    • Valentine
    • My Bloody Valentine
    • Final Destination 3
    • Scream 2
  5. The body in the laundromat?

    • My Bloody Valentine
    • Cherry Falls
    • Leprechaun III
    • Friday 13th Part III
  6. Steamed to death by a coffee machine?

    • Leprechaun II
    • Troll II
    • Critters II
    • Chucky II
  7. A resourceful killer uses whatever's at hand: in this case, a bottle of alcohol.

    • American Psycho
    • Hatchet
    • Sorority Row
    • I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
  8. A series of unfortunate events involving a fridge magnet, spaghetti and a ladder...?

    • Final Destination 2
    • Final Destination 4
    • Final Destination 5
    • Final Destination 3
  9. Death in a folding bed, like the world's grossest calzone...

    • Freddy vs. Jason
    • Friday 13th VII: The New Blood
    • Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday
    • Friday 13th: The Final Chapter
  10. So, the guy gets hung from a tree and dropped onto the car windshield....

    • Scream 3
    • Urban Legend
    • One Missed Call
    • Drive-Thru
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