Which Of These Slasher Villains Are You Teaming Up With?

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Are You Gonna Be A Dream Master Along With Freddy Krueger? Or A Supernatural Force Like Jason or Michael Myers?

  1. What Type Of Villain Are You?

    • Evil, Silent, and Deadly
    • Just don't come near me, or my house, and you will be fine..
    • I have to deliver one good quote before making my victims suffer
    • Don't get in my way and we won't have any problems..
    • I'm not evil, but not all the way there mentally either..
    • I talk a lot, but will get the job done..
    • I won't kill you unless you enter my area of privacy
  2. What Are You Doing For Halloween?

    • Looking for another body...
    • Making people suffer
    • Sleeping...
    • Whatever my mom allows me to do..
    • Stalking, murdering, the usual...
    • I don't know... maybe I'll sow up a new mask.
    • Getting a sinister plan ready
  3. What's Your Reason For Being A Villain?

    • I was wronged when I was younger, so I must get revenge..
    • I was raised wrong... and I'm afraid of the outside world..
    • Mentally Unstable
    • I don't have a real reason...
    • Was killed, and now want people to regret what they done to me...
    • To get what I need
    • It's My Destiny
  4. Favorite Food?

    • Pizza!
    • Rice...
    • Cheeseburgers.
    • Chicken
    • Mashed Potatoes..
    • Spaghetti
    • Tacos!
  5. What's Your Relationship Like With Your Family?

    • I don't know my family...
    • Great!
    • It's alright...
    • I don't know.. I don't see them anymore..
    • Horrible..
    • I don't have any more family... (sniff, sniff)
    • Neutral
  6. What's Your Preferred Environment For Doing Your Dirty Work?

    • The woods...
    • In another dimension...
    • At my victims house.
    • In my victims sleep..
    • Wherever I'm at...
    • Right in the middle of my suburban town
    • The back roads of my town..
  7. Which Horror Icon Is Your Favorite?

    • Freddy Krueger
    • Michael Myers
    • Pinhead
    • Chucky..
    • Leatherface
    • Jason Voorhees
    • Jigsaw
  8. Why Are You Doing This Quiz?

    • Boredom
    • Because the voice inside my head told me to..
    • I don't know..
    • I wanted to see which horror Icon I'm gonna team up with... duh...
    • Because I love quizzes
    • Something to pass time..
    • Anything horror related catches my interest..
  9. Who's The Scariest Killer?

    • Jason Voorhees
    • Freddy Krueger
    • Ghostface...
    • Chucky..
    • Leatherface
    • Michael Myers
    • Pinhead
  10. Which Of These Weapons Would You Prefer To Use?

    • A Kitchen Knife
    • I want powers
    • A chainsaw
    • A glove with blades..
    • A Machete
    • Hunting Knife
    • A Gun
  11. Choice of Killer Clothing?

    • Whatever I have..
    • A Sweater
    • Leather, A LOT OF LEATHER....
    • Overalls
    • Jacket, Shirt, Pants
    • Shirt & Tie
    • A jumpsuit
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