QUIZ: Would You Survive a Week at Camp Crystal Lake? (REDUX)

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Think you could survive a week at Camp Blood? Take this quick quiz and find out!

  1. Which personality trait suits you best?

    • Curious
    • Dedicated
    • Shy
    • Outgoing
    • Funny
  2. You're out in the woods, camping in a tent and you hear twigs snapping nearby. Do you....

    • Feel frightened, but realize that it's probably just an animal?
    • Get out of the tent and yell to challenge anyone who might be there?
    • Poke your head out of the tent to scan the area?
    • Feel nervous, but brush it off with a joke?
    • Feel scared, but get out and wander around anyway, just to ensure there's no immediate threat?
  3. You're in bed in one of the cabins, and hear a high pitched scream in the distance. Do you...

    • Lie in bed terrified, and stay awake all night?
    • Get out of bed, go outside and shout out to see if they are okay?
    • Get out of bed and look out the window, trying to find out who it was?
    • Get out of bed, go outside and investigate the area to see if anything looks suspicious?
    • Laugh, because you think it's just your friends playing pranks?
  4. All of your friends are down at the lake swimming, you promised them you'd head down as soon as you'd cleaned up the cabin. You notice that the door has opened on its own, and there are muddy footprints leading to the bedroom. Do you...

    • Laugh nervously and call your friends names, before heading down to the lake?
    • Cautiously look outside, before quietly following the footsteps?
    • Freak out and run outside?
    • Feel a bit uneasy, but go and investigate?
    • Yell out in anger, because you hate it when people play tricks on you?
  5. You arrive at the lake to find that one of your friends has mysteriously vanished. Do you...

    • Scout the area for a few minutes, but come to the conclusion that they have probably just gone back to the cabins?
    • Go and search the woods for them, they've got to be around here somewhere!
    • Yell out their name, and wait around for hours hoping they will turn up?
    • Feel a little concerned, but realize they have probably just gone to the bathroom?
    • Feel really worried, what if they got lost in the woods?!?!
  6. You arrive back at the cabins, your lost friend still no where to be found. After looking around for an hour, you call a group meeting... only to discover that another two of your friends are missing! Do you....

    • Say nervously "come on guys, this has got to be some kind of sick joke"
    • Feel extremely worried now, so you go back and search the area for your three missing friends?
    • Go off on your own, and look for anything out of the ordinary?
    • Devise a plan, split up and go searching for your lost friends?
    • Go and sit in one of the cars, and think rationally about where they could be?
  7. While searching a cabin, you find blood seeping from beneath the bathroom door. Do you...

    • Stumble and fall over with fright?
    • Put your finger in it, to see if it's really blood - and then open the door?
    • High tail it out of the cabin?
    • Shriek out, but open the door?
    • With quivering hands, open the door to find it's one of your friends?
  8. After realizing that your three missing friends are actually dead, do you...

    • Advise the rest of the group to call the police and get out of there?
    • Try to make a weapon to defend yourself with?
    • Decide to stay and fight! This guy isn't going to get away with murder.
    • Go back and investigate the crime scene further, to try and find out what happened to your friends?
    • Beg the rest of the group to leave the camp NOW?
  9. You're heading to the car to get out of the camp site, but you turn around and see a menacing Jason Voorhees staring at you. Do you...

    • Stand rooted to the spot, paralyzed by fear?
    • Slowly walk towards the killer with your DIY weapon?
    • Slowly walk towards him, trying to figure out just why he murdered your friends?
    • Scream and sprint for the car?
    • Charge at him! That guy killed your friends!
  10. You're the only one left, and you're driving quickly out of the camp grounds. You see that the killer has somehow made his way in front of your car, and is blocking the exit. Do you...

    • Stop and reverse quickly, you'll use the exit on the other side of the camp?
    • Stop the car and stare, hoping he will move?
    • Run him over?
    • Stop the car right in front of him, only to hit him with it?
    • Get out of the car, and punch the guy square in the face?
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