QUIZ: Are you a Dark Force or a HERO?

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  1. How many times do you smile at people each day?

    • When I possess them of course!
    • At least 10 times a day!
    • Only when people smile back at me.
    • Never, it's overrate.
  2. Your girlfriend/boyfriend is in danger you...

    • Everybody has to die some day.
    • Grab the closes weapon and defend him/her!
    • Run toward the danger to help!
    • Hide in a closet and laugh.
  3. You practice...

    • Martial Arts
    • Math
    • Black Magic
    • Science
  4. I like my eggs with...

    • Toast and a skim milk.
    • Steak after I've done 50 push ups with one hand each.
    • A side of bloody "tomatoes" and "ham"
    • Oatmeal and let's say "bacon"
  5. When I watch a horror film I...

    • You wish I could answer that question.
    • Go with my friends or significant other
    • What is a horror film?
    • I hold my girlfriend/boyfriend's hand of course.
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