Which Awesome Superhero are you?

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Are you brave like Superman or as smart as Iron man?

  1. Do you prefer being left alone or being with a group of people?

    • I'm usually alone anyways
    • Couldn't be alone even if i tried!
    • Either or, depends on my mood!
    • Always need my groupie!
    • I like being isolated from all the madness
  2. You see a robber break into a jewelry store. What do you do?

    • Wear a bag over your head and grab a weapon, time to kick some serious butt!
    • No one would dare rob anything under my watch!
    • Call the cops and plan out a strategic plan to catch the robber
    • Tell others around you to start a commotion, people need to be aware and be safe!
    • Grab whatever weapon closest to you and run in after the robber!
  3. You are going on a short vacation, what do you pack?

    • Who cares! Time to relax
    • Lots hair products, gotta keep the hair in tact
    • Laptop, couple of the same clothes, and sunnies!
    • One pair of shorts and an awesome button up, its going to be warm where I'm going.
    • I can't go on vacation, too much to be done.
  4. The latest cell phone just came out,what is your reaction?

    • Couldn't use it if i tried, too complicated. Sticking to the basics
    • I'll just get it in a couple of weeks from now, it'll still be the same right?
    • Already have it, pre-ordered it a loong time ago
    • What's the point, they're all the same anyway
    • Stay in line for as long as it takes, love technology
  5. You see a fight break out in a dark ally, what do you do?

    • Gotta fight fire with fire, that'll teach them to ever fight again
    • Sneakily hit the bully when they're off guard. They never saw it coming
    • Call the cops and threaten the bully
    • Start cheering for the losing side, then beat them both up. Gotta learn their lesson.
    • Immediately jump in and help the victim
  6. You see a stray cat running in the middle of the street with no cars. What do you do?

    • I'm more a dog person myself...
    • Awwww im going to name it buttercup
    • Animal control its ass
    • And I should care why?
    • Pick it up and drop it off at the local animal shelter
  7. You see stunning individual at a party. What do you do?

    • Wait for them to approach me obviously
    • Can't, too shy. Maybe when they're alone
    • Sweet talk them into a date
    • Go up to them and introduce yourself, and stir up a conversation
    • Ask them out directly, you don't like to play games
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