Guardians of the Galaxy: Which Guardian Are YOU?

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Comment with your result, and share the quiz with your friends! I bet your best friend will get Star-Lord.

  1. Do you ever have "blonde moments"?

    • Always
    • Every Tuesday.
    • Never. Because I'm cool like that.
    • I Am Groot.
    • Not really, no.
  2. What is/will be your favorite part about Guardians of the Galaxy?

    • The Characters.
    • The Music.
    • I Am Groot.
    • The Humor.
    • The Action.
  3. When someone makes you extremely angry, how do you deal with it?

    • I bury myself in other things.
    • I vent elsewhere.
    • I run from the issue entirely.
    • I Am Groot.
    • I hold a grudge.
  4. Which Teen Titan do you identify with?

    • Raven
    • Cyborg
    • Beast Boy
    • Robin
    • Starfire
  5. What crime would you most likely commit under intergalactic law?

    • Adultery
    • Theft
    • Murder
    • I Am Groot
    • Breaking Out of Prison
  6. Which part of the movie got to you emotionally?

    • Linking Hands
    • We Are Groot
    • The Collector's Assistant
    • The Hospital Scene
    • Awesome Mix Vol. 2
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