Which Character are you in a Horror movie? 100DaysInFilm #47 (QUIZ TIME)

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The idea of this quiz is to see which type of character you are in the movie. Are you a survivor, killer or something else?

  1. What would be your ideal getaway car?

    • I am not going anywhere
    • Truck
    • Ferrari (I wish)
    • I'd swim my way out
    • My feet (RUN)
    • Anything
    • B
    • Batmobile
  2. If the killer actually turned out to be one of your friends?

    • You kill them
    • Give up
    • Call the police (again)
    • Too late i am dead already
    • Partner up with your friend
    • You convince them to stop
    • Call their parents
    • I don't give a Sh*t
  3. What would be your chosen form of self defence?

    • Play dead
    • Gun
    • Judo
    • Nothing i am going to die!
    • Hide
    • Jedi mind tricks
    • Call for help
    • Knife
  4. If the killer captured one of your friends what would you do?

    • Call your mom
    • Send another friend to do your dirty work
    • Do nothing, it's to late
    • Be a good friend and try and save them
    • Thinks of multiple plans
    • Who care's
    • Distract the killer and get yourself caught
    • I don't have any friends
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