Which Resident Evil Character Are You, and Would You Survive?

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Would you survive the zombie hoards or will you lose your head and become one of the infected?

  1. You Would Describe Yourself As:

    • Adventurous
    • Off the chain!
    • Shy
    • Did someone say chains and whips?
    • Up for zombie bashing any time
    • Part zombie part human experiment
  2. Are you scared of the dark?

    • Not at all, bring it on
    • So-so
    • I am nocturnal
    • Where's my nightlight?
    • Terrified
    • Gimme a flash light and I am fine
  3. Are friends worth saving in the event of a zombie Apocalypse?

    • Nah - Who needs friends when I have my knife?
    • I am all I need
    • Friends are for zombies not me!
    • Hold my hand...
    • I will take or leave a buddy in an undead world
    • Yes - Buddy, buddy system all the way
  4. Have you ever worked for a global sized corporation?

    • Yes - But I am sure it's all above board
    • I am the pawn of a multinational faceless company
    • Yes - and I regularly steal stationary from work
    • Yes - I work for a legitimate corporation called Umbrella
    • I work part time but I trust my boss
    • No - I don't trust big corporations
  5. Do you trip and fall regularly when fleeing from zombies?

    • I don't need to run!
    • I have asthma..
    • I have been know to trip but I think I can outrun a zombie or two
    • I run because I want to, not because they want me to
    • Yes - I must remember to tie my shoes next time
    • No - I have been compared to the likes of Usain Bolt or a wild cheetah
  6. Are you trained in self defense?

    • No - I am a wet lettuce
    • Gun show baby!
    • Yes - Bruce Lee taught me personally
    • I am a tank
    • I'll stand behind you..
    • No but I can handle myself against an undead or two
  7. Do you ever have thoughts of world domination?

    • No comment...
    • The world will be mine
    • Yes - occasionally, who doesn't?
    • Don't ask me, I just work here
    • Finders keepers
    • No - I'll leave that to the suits
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