Which lovely Disney PrinCESS Is Your True Love?

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There are tons of "Which Disney Prince Is Your True Love?" quizzes for the ladies, but none for the gents! So guys--and anyone else who happens to be taking the quiz--which Disney Princess should be your girl?

  1. Let's say you're suddenly going to try a new craft or hobby with this mysterious significant other. What are you going to take up with him/her? (Money is no problem, by the way).

    • Some sort of art class
    • Volunteering
    • Hiking, Climbing, Camping
    • Choir/Instrument/Voice Lessons
    • Creative Writing
    • I'm going to go somewhere I've always wanted
    • Cooking
    • Sailing
    • Gardening
    • Dancing
  2. Lazy Sunday afternoon. What are you doing?

    • Baking
    • Just wanna play video games
    • Absentmindedly...what was I doing again?
    • How about the park?
    • Zoo
    • Museum
    • Going for a walk
    • I'd honestly just be eating sandwiches
    • New restaurant for brunch
    • Reading
  3. You're dressing to impress. What do you put on?

    • I try to spice things up with a nice belt
    • I would doff a nice hat.
    • Cape
    • Suit and tie, the whole shebang
    • Something that shows off my physique
    • You would not believe how well I can pull off a sweater vest.
    • Something nice, but still comfortable/sensible
    • I'd want (need?) help picking something out
    • Something extravagant
    • No capes
  4. It's been a year. What kind of gift are you giving your significant other (pretend money isn't an option)?

    • A night out on the town (implying things other than dinner)
    • I bought her a star and named it after her or something equally grandiose
    • A really nice dinner YOU made
    • Books, movies, CD's...
    • Something you made BESIDES dinner
    • New dress/jacket/nice clothing item
    • Bouquet of roses plus something made of diamonds
    • Personalized jewelry
    • A trip--like a honeymoon-but-not sorta thing
    • A really nice dinner
  5. When you dream, what do you dream of?

    • A Sense of Belonging
    • Adventure
    • I just want to be happy
    • Good Food
    • Wealth
    • Freedom
    • Being able to live life to the fullest
    • True Love
    • Romantic Intimacy
    • A Better Future
  6. How do you handle conflict?

    • Noooooooooooooooooo
    • I'm pretty chill
    • I am the Peacemaker
    • Someone else deal with it for me, please
    • I run straight at it and (metaphorically) punch it in the face (sometimes not metaphorically)
    • Yelling will probably solve everything
    • I'll handle it, I'll handle it; just calm down and let me do it my own way
    • I'll deal with it once I've been pushed
    • Redirect the problem on anyone else and run away
    • Take responsibility. Do I have to? I have to.
  7. Do you tend to have a lot of secrets?

    • Um...no?
    • I couldn't keep secrets if I tried.
    • Naw.
    • I just need my own space.
    • My whole life is a secret.
    • Just because I don't tell people things doesn't mean they're necessarily a secret.
    • Depends who's asking.
    • None that I won't tell you in my own time
    • ...haha, no, what? I don't have any secrets. None at all. Why would you even say that? Nope. Not me. Not. Me.
    • It's a little scary to tell everyone everything
  8. What do you admire most in others?

    • Intelligence
    • Skill
    • Understanding
    • Humor
    • Bravery
    • Kindness
    • Optimism
    • Independence
    • Perseverance
    • Wisdom
  9. What do you admire most in yourself? (Or what do you think is your best trait?)

    • Bravery
    • Kindness
    • Understanding
    • Instinct, Daring
    • Skill
    • Wisdom
    • Perseverance
    • Independence
    • My Carriage (like how you carry yourself)
    • Intelligence
  10. It's your BIRTHday! What's the nicest thing your significant other could do for you? (Again, money's not a problem for either of you).

    • Take me anywhere I want all day
    • Surprise me with something nice I've been wanting for a while
    • Something kinda cheesy but fun, like going to the roller rink or getting a party room at the movie theatre
    • Everything.
    • Doesn't have to be a surprise, but if she could plan a party that would be fun
    • Do an activity I like with me that she doesn't normally do
    • Breakfast in bed
    • Not anything that costs any effort at all
    • Surprise Party
    • A quiet day/night alone together
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