Which Disney Movie Do You Belong In?

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You might know who you are, but maybe not as well as Disney knows you

  1. How would you say you approach problems?

    • I usually don't notice the problem until it's too late, then I'm left cleaning up an even bigger mess
    • I take the time to think out the optimum solution, then go for it
    • I quickly find clever ways to solve my problems
    • I avoid them for a bit, but ultimately face them
    • I ignore them until I absolutely have to
    • I never really have my own, I'm usually left taking care of other peoples' problems
    • Head on, best to just take care of things and deal with the consequences later
  2. What was your favorite subject in school?

    • History
    • P.E.
    • Math
    • English
    • Foreign language
    • Science
    • Music
  3. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

    • Narwhal
    • Dog
    • Swan
    • Lion
    • Slow Loris
    • Elephant
    • Fox
  4. Which movie most closely resembles your love life?

    • Bridget Jones' Diary
    • No Strings Attached
    • She's the Man
    • 500 Days of Summer
    • The Notebook
    • Lost in Translation
    • When Harry Met Sally
  5. How would you describe your family situation?

    • I'm definitely don't appreciate me enough
    • We're extremely close
    • A family is who you choose, not always who you're related to
    • We disagree all the time, but I still love 'em
    • We have different opinions, but I know that they'll always accept me
    • We're close, but don't see each other much
    • They just don't really get me
  6. What would you save first in a fire (excluding family, they're not home)?

    • All of my important documents
    • My significant other
    • My electronics
    • Jewlrey
    • Family photos
    • Just myself
    • My pet
  7. What adjective would you use to describe yourself?

    • Independent
    • Determined
    • Caring
    • Adventurous
    • Witty
    • Idealistic
    • Hard-working
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