QUIZ: What Kind of Cosplayer Should You Be?

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Cosplay is for everyone, but even the most skilled and seasoned cosplayers will ask for advice on their next costume. We hope this quiz will help you slim down the list!

  1. How do you earn money?

    • I'm an artist/designer/musician!
    • I work for a human rights/progressive organization!
    • I pick it up from the bed of money that I currently lay upon.
    • I started a business with my friends/relatives/colleagues.
    • Odd jobs, here and there. Maybe a little danger, but it's supposed to pay off great.
    • I build stuff.
  2. What are your friends like?

    • I would say they're all Disney Princesses, but some of them are princes and other royalty! :)
    • They're all so inspiring - some of them are working on big creative projects!
    • Some people might think they're a little gritty and technical, but I think they hold a lot of virtue in their work ethic.
    • Like me! Adventurous and imaginative.
    • I have all kinds of friends!
    • They're all really nice people who want to make the world a better place.
  3. What would your educational major be?

    • Propmastery
    • Creative Writing
    • Event Planning
    • Fashion Design
    • History
    • Fight Choreography
  4. What is your ideal living situation?

    • A quiet atmosphere to counter the craziness of my usual day.
    • Whatever it is, I need a huge garage.
    • I definitely couldn't live alone - too spooky!
    • A huge, open apartment where I have space to create!
    • Any situation where I look like I'm living in a castle while I sneakily store away mountains of stuff.
    • Airship. Duh.
  5. YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE! What do you do?

    • SAVE MY COSTUMES! They cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars to ma- oh, my leg is on fire. Fancy that.
    • Grab my sketchbook and RUN!
    • I would run but, uh...
    • It was probably my fault! Oops.
    • Hurry to gather everyone in the house, get them out, and then join the fire fighters to help
  6. How would you describe yourself?

    • I'm a stickler for details, and I aspire to rule the realm. Wait, what?
    • Creative and a tinge weird.
    • Tenacious and hard-working
    • Old-fashioned, adventurous, and great when working with my hands.
    • Social and fun! I love hanging out with my friends. <3
    • Smart and cunning.
  7. If you saw someone in trouble, what would you do?

    • Nothing - the bad guy would dart as soon as he saw my awesome new broadsword.
    • Bolt and rescue them so fast that I practically fly!
    • Assemble a team of awesome people and dive in to help!
    • Create a diversion, like an explosion, and get that person to safety!
    • Get them out of the way, and then have a classic stand-off with the villain.
    • Excuse me, but I have 3 nights of work to do and zero time to ruin the fabric of this new coat.
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