Would You Be a Superhero... or a Supervillain?

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Are you a fighter of good and justice, or a scoundrel of greed and evil? Answer the questions below to find out.

  1. What motivates you to fight?

    • Justice
    • Power
    • The thrill of battle
    • Revenge
  2. Describe your costume

    • Classic spandex, cape
    • Exoskeleton armed with experimental weapons
    • Black, practical body armor, mask
    • Facepaint and mismatched outfit
  3. What is your superpower?

    • Super-intelligence
    • Invisibility
    • Super-strength
    • Flight
  4. What best defines you?

    • Your wealth and intellect
    • Your mental instability
    • Your unwavering morality
    • Your advanced face-punching skills
  5. Finish this sentence: "And remember kids, ...

    • ...stay in school, don't do drugs and keep away from strangers."
    • ...criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot." .
    • ...it's better to rule in hell, than serve in heaven."
    • ...playing with fire and killing cats is FUN!"
  6. Pick a hideout

    • An abandoned mental asylum
    • In nature, among the trees and critters
    • The rooftops of the city
    • A hollowed out volcano in the South Pacific
  7. You arrive upon a hostage situation at city hall. The police have arrived but are waiting for backup. What do you do?

    • Nothing. You planned this attack to distract the police from the real target - the stock exchange.
    • Sneak in through the skylights, free the hostages and escape
    • Bulldoze your way in with a truck, grab the mayor and use him in your own schemes.
    • Wait for backup and assist in any way you can.
  8. The police have surrounded your hideout and want to bring you in for questioning. What do you do?

    • Escape with a combination of smoke bombs and sleeper holds.
    • Make some phone calls to your corrupt police associate.
    • Go down in a blaze of glory.
    • Give yourself up, you refuse to harm cops.
  9. You stand over your defeated opponent, who begs for mercy. What do you do?

    • Make him suffer before finally dispatching him.
    • Spare him. Killing is always wrong.
    • Call in your goons to finish him off. No need getting your hands dirty.
    • Finish the job. One less criminal in the world.
  10. An asteroid is heading to Earth and you've been asked to stop it on what could be a one-way trip into space. What do you do?

    • Agree immediately. You're willing to give your life for Earth.
    • Agree, then hold the world ransom once you're up there.
    • Refuse. Maybe this corrupt world isn't worth saving?
    • Agree, then enjoy the apocalypse from a front row seat.
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