What Adventure Time Character Are You?

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A Daring Adventurer, A Vampire, A MO? Find out now!

  1. Your friend goes missing, what do you do?

    • I'll find them! If their a princess...
    • I didn't actually know they were missing...I was skateboarding.
    • I won't stop until I find them & I will focus all my energy!
    • I use my brain and track them down with logic.
    • Try to find them...but I'm easily distracted...& end up partying!
    • Oh my! I better get help from an adventurer!
    • Oh my glob! Panic! Panic!
  2. You're hungry! What do you make yourself?

    • Can of beans
    • Apple Pie
    • Bacon Pancakes
    • Whatever my friends are eating
    • My special cakes
    • Spaghetti
    • Whatever...as long as someone else makes it & I don't have to do anything
  3. What would you call yourself?

    • Friendly
    • Adventurer
    • Dramatic
    • Princess Loving
    • Smart
    • Chill
    • Fun
  4. What do you do in your free time?

    • Play Kompy's Castle
    • I'm a part time detective
    • Stay fit & be the best me I can be
    • I dance
    • I capture princesses
    • Science!
    • I'm probs gossiping with my friends
  5. Where would you live?

    • With my homies!
    • In the Candy Kingdom
    • Ice Kingdom!
    • In a Tree House with my best friend
    • In the forest...by myself...
    • With my GF/BF
    • In a small hut next to my garden
  6. Who would you date?

    • Brad!
    • Mr. Pig
    • Any Princess!
    • A bubble
    • Flame Princess
    • Lady Rainacorn
    • Eh...someone smart & funny..
  7. What would your weapon be?

    • I would just stretch myself
    • Karate Chop
    • My magic powers
    • Science!
    • My bod
    • Hugs
    • My sword
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